Sunday, August 31, 2014

SUNDAY 8/31/14; Putin Wants East Ukraine Statehood

Pakistani police are shooting on demonstrators that are storming PM Sharif’s residence. Rubber bullets and tear gas battle rocks and bottles injuring 70 including 20 police. No wonder Shar

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mmar Gaddafi was removed from power and killed three years ago. News sources reporting from Libya appear to have better intelligence than the US State Department. The Brent oil price reacts to northern Africa turmoil but lower global oil demand and a robust supply keeps the price flat at 103.

Chinese authorities arrest six executives in connection with the ongoing food scandal investigation into OSI Group, the company that provided tainted meat to YUM and other restaurants.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

SATURDAY 8/30/14; Pakistan Coup

The ebola virus spreads to Senegal (west coast of Africa) as people infected continue to travel to neighboring nations in West Africa. WHO says over 500 people are infected with ebola over the last week the faste

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e same media that helped elect him by constantly berating and ridiculing Mitt Romney while exalting the president. How is that for gratitude?

BABA is beginning the road show the week of 9/8/14 and plans to begin trading on 9/18/14 or 9/19/14; the much-anticipated Alibaba IPO, that will suck all the oxygen out of the room, is less than three weeks away. AAPL is providing a free battery replacement for iPhone5 phones purchased in 2012-2013. The perceived Apple high-quality constantly heralded by die-hard Apple enthusiasts takes a hit. HPQ has its own quality issues recalling six million power cords that are prone to melting and may cause fires.

WMT is expanding the Wal-Mart Care Clinic in store health care facilities that offer primary care at a competitive price. WFM is sued over the amount of sugar in its Greek yogurt; six times what is listed on the package. No wonder that yogurt tastes so good.

Friday, August 29, 2014

FRIDAY 8/29/14; Russia Invades Ukraine; EOM; Personal Income and Outlays; Chicago PMI; Consumer Sentiment; Britain Raises Terror Alert; SPX New All-Time Record Closing High at 2300; COMPQ New Record 14-1/2 Year Highs

The dollar/yen drifts lower from above 104 yesterday down to 103.79. The stronger yen sends the NIKK -0.2% lower. Asian indexes are mixed with China up and the others lower. SSEC +1%. Australia is flat. Indian markets are closed for a public holiday.

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prised. We’ve been overweight equities.” The bullish prognostications continue to be correct and all the bulls remain very bullish. Even those calling for a pullback refer to it as a buying opportunity and say higher stock market prices will occur in the months and even year’s forward.

The majority of market participants remain steadfastly bullish completely dismissing any possibility of a multi-year top forming or in place right now which would lead to months and perhaps years of downside ahead. In addition, no one believes that deflation can occur. The universal consensus is that inflation will kick in at any time due to the central banker money printing. When the boat is fully loaded to one side saying that a multi-year market top is pure folly and deflation is impossible to occur, what do you think will happen? Many of these analysts called for 4.00% for the 10-year Treasury yield this year that now sits at 2.34%.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

THURSDAY 8/28/14; Russia Invades Ukraine; DG; ANF; GDP; NATO Verifies Russian Troops Inside Ukraine; President Obama Says "We Don't Have A Strategy"

Asian indexes are down across the board except for the KOSPI that is flat. South Korea remains a favorite child of long traders. Both the NIKK and SPASX200 each lose -0.5%. You know the drill by now; the dollar/yen drops to 103.70 from above 104 indicating that the yen is strengthening s

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und the US. The Commander-in-Chief has no plan. America is piloted by a captain without a flight plan. The president is admitting that there is no foreign policy and he is simply winging it as he goes along. This does not instill confidence and instead will create more worry and concern especially by US Allies. The days will have to play out to see if the US will launch further air strikes in Iraq and begin air strikes on Syria.

The Whitehouse staff immediately realizes the ‘no strategy’ comment will be problematic for the president and tries to clarify and spin the statement positively but the cat is already out of the bag. President Obama does not want war but war wants the president.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WEDNESDAY 8/27/14; Israel and Hamas Agree to Long-Term Truce; TIF

The NIKK trades flat since the dollar/yen pair falls under 104 (stronger yen). Tokyo Electric Power trades lower after being held responsible for a woman’s suicide after the Fukishima disaster and ordered to pay nearly $500K in damages. Japan continues to limit and control the news flow conc

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and likely is beginning a campaign to take over the Ukraine land between Crimea and Russia. The talks between Presidents Putin and Poroshenko bore no fruit and Putin now says he is a bystander and Ukraine needs to coordinate a cease-fire with the separatists. Putin continues to play cagey games as he builds Russian forces inside East Ukraine.

There are an estimated 5K foreign fighters joining the ranks of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. About 800 French fighters are supporting ISIS. This is worrisome since any of these 5000 radicals, that hold valid passports, can return to the US, UK or other Western nations to carry out terrorist acts.

The separation of the social classes in America is illustrated in the airline industry. Airplanes are now reducing the space available to passengers in coach class and increasing the space available in the first class section of the plane. This anecdotal tidbit highlights the growing trend of the rich versus poor; the have’s versus the have not’s. The middle class is disappearing. Are you part of the elite class in America or do you make up the common class? The answer dictates how comfortable you travel.

At about 8 PM EST, an oil refinery owned by BP in Whiting, Indiana, suffers an explosion and fire. The facility is BP’s largest refinery in the US and is set up to handle the Canadian tar sands crude. Even though oil prices continue drifting lower due to abundant supply and lower demand, the oil companies now have an excuse to keep gasoline prices elevated.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

TUESDAY 8/26/14; BBY; Durable Goods; Consumer Confidence; SPX and INDU New All-Time Record Highs; COMPQ New 14-1/2 Year High

Asia indexes are mixed. The NIKK trades -0.6% lower since the dollar/yen moves under 104 (stronger yen). China markets are lower with the airlines smacked -3% across the board. South Korea and Australia are higher. Shipbuilders are floating higher. India’s BSE remains at record highs above 26.6K intraday.

Ukraine President Poroshenko and Russian President Putin meet in Minsk, Belarus. President Poroshenko dissolves the Ukraine parliament and announces that new elections will occur in October. Russia is sending tanks and weaponry across the border to arm the pro-Russian separatists. In 

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s, with the full keyboard, are used by content creators needing fuller functionality and ease of use. The tablet screens are too small and tight to provide both a virtual keyboard and viewing screen so manufacturers are searching for ways to improve the experience and Apple’s solution is a larger screen to better handle a keyboard.

Apple is banking on this perceived new trend of using tablets more for content creation which prompts the change to a larger screen. Comically, the tablet is morphing back into a laptop again. Serious content creators continue using desk top and lap top work stations since a large fully-functional keyboard and large screen is a necessity. Time will tell if the public adopts tablets more for content creation, or not. Once a tablet begins to grow in size, why not simply stick with the laptop? The ultimate solution is holograms where a virtual keyboard can be projected onto a surface while a large screen floats in front of you in air but this technology remains several years away.

The closing bell is a nail-biter as the numbers must settle to see if an SPX close above 2K occurs, or not. The newspaper and Internet blogs want to write the SPX 2000 headline. The SPX closes at the 2000.02 palindrome above 2K for the first time ever in history albeit by two pennies. The SPX gains 2 points, +0.1%, printing a new all-time intraday high at 2005.04 and new all-time closing high at 2002.02. The INDU gains 30 points, +0.2%, printing a new all-time intraday high at 17153.80 but not a new all-time closing high. The all-time closing high remains at 17138.20 from 7/16/14. The trannies did not print new all-time highs.

The COMPQ is up 13 points, +0.3%, to 4571, printing new 14-1/2 year intraday and closing highs. The NDX continues the winning streak now at 10 days as trades continue chasing into larger-cap tech stocks which lead the overall stock market higher. The NDX is also at new 14-1/2 year highs. The RUT gains 10 points, +0.9%, to 1175. High yield bond ETF’s are back in vogue. The JNK junk bond ETF regains the June highs. HYG is a hair away from matching the June highs. The value of global equities exceeds $66 trillion.

After the close, SWFC earnings are weaker than expected creating a -5% drop in AH trading. ADI trades sideways after beating on top line sales but only in line with EPS. TIVO falls short on earnings and trades lower. Data storage company NMBL trades lower after projecting a greater EPS loss for Q3.

Monday, August 25, 2014

MONDAY 8/25/14; ECB President Draghi Creates European Stock Rally; New Home Sales; SPX PRINTS 2000 FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY; COMPQ New 14-1/2 Year High

The CME resumes trading on US futures, Treasuries, oil and gold after a four-hour outage. Technical issues are blamed for the trouble in electronic trading overnight. The technical glitches and flash crashes in global markets occur on a regular basis creating concern that a larger and more prolonged shutdown may occur at some point in the future. Any market concern including geopolitics plays a back seat to the stock market optimism generated by central banker money printing.

The yen weakens and the dollar basket strengthens sending the dollar/yen currency pair above 102.20. The w

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00 people have lost their lives falling out of the sky in the last 170 days. Make sure your life insurance is paid up if you travel via air since over four folks are dying per day on the planet due to airplane accidents. At least the deaths are nowhere near the very bad aviation years where between 1900 and 2500 deaths occurred per year in 1972, 1973, 1974 and 1985; although this year is not over yet.

Egypt and the UAE act independently conducting air strikes on Libya targets. This is embarrassing for the Whitehouse since previously Middle East countries would never think of such actions without first informing the US. Middle East countries do not take President Obama seriously so they ignore him. Oil jumps higher in price and always reacts to Libyan news. WTIC oil moves above 93.50. Brent oil leaps to 102.70.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

SUNDAY 8/24/14

A former 24-year old British rapper Abdel-Majed Abdel Barry is suspected of beheading the doomed American journalist James Foley and is why PM Cameron returned early from vacation. The rapper turned radical is called “John the Beatle” in Syria and Iraq because of his British accent. The alleged murderer is also called “Jihad John.” There are two or more American hostages hel

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” claims responsibility for the outage. The euro slips under 1.32 but the short interest is at the highest levels since July 2012 (the euro may not move much lower and a short-covering rally may be on tap).

The Lundberg Survey reports that US gasoline prices are down four cents per gallon over the past two weeks which is helping create last week’s boost in retail stocks. Global traders are becoming more excited that the SPX will print above 2000 for the first time in history perhaps as early as tomorrow.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

SATURDAY 8/23/14

The two ebola patients in the States are cured and released. However, new concern develops where spouses of health care workers in West Africa are becoming infected with ebola. WHO says over 1300 are dead from ebola with about of those 600 deaths occurring in Liberia.

The violence 

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g an emergency landing due to a tire blowout. There are no injuries. A small maintenance placard from an Airbus A380 lands in a residential neighborhood in Long Island, New York, near LaGuardia and JFK Airports. So it is not only worrisome to travel via airplane these days, especially across foreign war-torn regions, but folks must now watch out for airplane parts falling out of the sky.

Friday, August 22, 2014

FRIDAY 8/22/14; ANN; FL; Fed Chair Yellen and ECB President Draghi Speak from Jackson Hole Symposium; COMPQ New Reocrd 14-1/2 Year high; AAPL and DIS Print Record Highs

Asian indexes move higher except for the NIKK down -0.3% that halts a nine-day uptrend. The dollar/yen is lower to 103.78 and was down to 103.68 overnight so the stronger yen sends Japan stocks lower. The dollar/yen has moved from under 102 to near 104 over the last month with the weaker yen fueling the upside in Japanese and US stock markets.

China indexes recover +0.5% from yesterday’s weakness boosted by pharma stocks. The Indonesia courts uphold th

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y activity typically increases into and through the darkness of the new moon since infrared and night vision technology provides an advantage. Israel’s incursion into Gaza intensified around the new moon last month.

Hamas (militant Palestinians) executes 18 Palestinians in Gaza suspected of helping Israel and also in retaliation for the Israeli bombing and killing of three top Hamas leaders the day before. Concerning Iraq, the Pentagon says airstrikes on Syria may be needed to combat the growing ISIS threat across Syria and Iraq. The names ISIS, ISIL and the Islamic State are all interchangeable. The media and public are using the ISIS name for reporting and in discussions but the Whitehouse prefers to use the term ISIL.

A Chinese fighter jet makes several passes by a Navy P-8 Poseidon plane coming as close as 30 feet (9.1 meters). The Chinese jet barrel rolls in front of the P-8 to flash its missiles and weaponry sending a message to avoid the airspace. A P-3 Orion surveillance plane is flying alongside the P-8 but the Pentagon will not confirm this part of the story. The tensions are rising in the South China Sea as the territorial disputes between China, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines and other nations continue. The bravado and dramatic airplane and ship confrontations continue and may lead to a very tragic outcome moving forward.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

THURSDAY 8/21/14; Global PMI's; DLTR; SHLD; Existing Home Sales; Philly Fed; Leading Indicators; CRM; GPS; GME; MRVL

Japan PMI is up strongly to 52.4 versus the 50.5 last month. The yen remains weak with the dollar/yen elevated at 102.80 pumping the NIKK stock market higher that gains +0.9%. The weak yen benefits auto manufacturers with TM, HMC, Nissan and Suzuki all up from +0.5% to 2.5

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 4 sales. INTU earnings disappoint and guidance is lowered creating a -2.1% drop. MRVL beats on EPS but is only in line on top line revenue. BRCM trades higher on an earnings beat.

The pentagon and Defense Secretary Hagel say ISIS is an imminent threat to the US and a more dangerous terror group than Al-Qaida. A few months ago, President Obama called the ISIS militants moving into Iraq from Syria the “JV team.” In the States, high school sports teams consist of the top senior-class players on the varsity team and the up and coming underclassman and less talented athletes on the junior varsity team (JV). In other words, the president was dismissing the ISIS threat as if they were a rag-tag group of a few dozen fighters that pose no significant threat. He was wrong.

Both republicans and democrats are calling for a clearer foreign policy since it appears the president is figuring it out as he goes. In addition, the optics of President Obama frolicking on the golf course each day laughing it up with friends as beheadings occur in Iraq is raising eyebrows in America. The US, UK, Canada and other Western nations are becoming more concerned over a potential increase in domestic terrorism. Dozens, and perhaps as many as 500, of the ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria hold passports to Western countries allowing these nutcases to easily enter and commit violent terrorist acts.

On CNBC business television, Investor Dennis Gartman of the Gartman Letter says equities are in melt-up mode and this will continue going forward. Gartman advises viewers to not short the equity markets. Market technician Tom McClellan calls for a market selloff in September but as he speaks he is watering down the prognostication. McClellan comments on the stronger NYAD line with robust advancers and strong market breadth in recent days that will prohibit another market top like 2000 or 2007 occurring. He expects a September swoon but after that markets will continue higher. McClellan says the third year of a presidential term is strong and the move higher in stocks typically begins in October in the second year (which is this October 2014). He is also bullish on gold and expects a bottom to be placed over the next month.

Nearly every analyst, trader or strategist that waxes worry over high stock prices and a potential pull back, in the next sentence will say that equities will be higher over the next couple years. In other words, there are only two trading groups now both bullish. First, the bulls that expect markets to continue higher without interruption and second, those that expect minor pull backs but all are buying opportunities for higher highs going forward. This week’s rally has whipped long traders into frenzy that expect Fed Chair Yellen to provide a very dovish speech from Jackson Hole Symposium tomorrow. Extremely few traders, call it no one, expect a major multi-year top to print like 2000 or 2007 to occur (think of this from a contrarian perspective). The CPC put/call ratio drops to 0.72 verifying that traders remain very complacent (complacency creates market tops).

WEDNESDAY 8/20/14; LOW; SPLS; TGT; BOE and FOMC Minutes; HPQ; LB

The dollar/yen explodes above 103 to 103.20. The dollar (USD) moves higher to 82 printing at a one-year high and the yen drops fueling the stock market gains both sending the dollar/yen pair higher. The dollar moves higher off the stronger housing data. A higher dollar will pressure commodities but copper is trading higher recovering from yesterday’s losses. The NIKK only finishes

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er. President Obama is considering sending 300 ground troops into Iraq to expand the operation against ISIS after the beheading of the American journalist and threats of another beheading of an American captive.

The session ends with the SPX up 5 points, +0.3%, to 1987 only one point shy of the all-time closing high at 1987.98 and four points shy of the all-time intraday high at 1991.39 from 7/24/14 four weeks ago. The INDU gains 60 points, +0.4%, to 16979. The Nasdaq loses one point to 4526 not printing another 14-1/2 year record high. The RUT loses 5 points, -0.4%, to 1158 so the small caps and tech lead lower rather than higher like the broad market.

The VIX finishes under 12. The 10-year yield is 2.43%. Gold is 1292. Silver 19.46. Copper greatly helped push the broad indexes higher today gaining +2.6% to 3.17 as traders buy the other yellow metal due to perceived strength in the housing sector from yesterday’s data. The housing and auto sectors are the greatest users of copper. WTIC crude oil sits at 96 and Brent at 102 moving higher today after the inventory data in the States show a far larger draw down than expected. Oil supplies, however, remain very robust and should maintain downward pressure on oil prices.

AAPL prints an intraday high at 101.09 a new all-time record high. HAIN gains +11% after strong earnings and an M&A buzz surrounding the stock.

After the closing bell, Hewlett-Packard reports EPS exactly in line at 89 cents and the top line sales beat at $27.6 billion versus $27.0 billion expected. HPQ pops over +1% in AH trading on the knee-jerk reaction but leaks lower as the minutes tick by. L Brands (Victoria’s Secret) earnings beat by a penny on EPS and top line sales are a smidge higher than expected so there are big profits in that tiny lingerie. LB guides higher and trades higher rising +1.4% as the lovely and leggy ladies strut their wares along the catwalk. The peep show ends, however, as LB begins trading lower and turns negative following a path lower like HPQ. Tech, semi and electronic stocks CACI, SMTC and SNPS, respectively, beat on top and bottom lines for earnings.

A US truck driver shortage continues as trucking companies cannot replace the older drivers fast enough. Lots of excuses are provided for the lack of interest in truck driving as a career such as too much time away from home, odd hours, boredom, dangers involved in driving and even physical aches and pains from bouncing in an uncomfortable seat all day long even though truck drivers make from $50K to $60K per year and higher a very attractive wage. The reason for the lack of truck drivers is plain as day for those that understand societal trends.

The majority of young men in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s that are ideal candidates as truck drivers smoke pot (marijuana). Since driving trucks requires drug and alcohol testing and even random testing and most definitely testing if an accident occurs, these potential drivers never entertain the thought of truck driving since they do not plan to give up “getting high.” Truck drivers typically hold only high school diplomas which is a demographic more prone to smoking pot. The truck driver shortage will likely continue for the foreseeable future and the aging drivers in their late 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s, that prefer to drink alcohol and typically do not smoke pot, will continue driving longer which may lead to a greater number of trucking accidents in the years ahead.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

TUESDAY 8/19/14; HD; DKS; TJX; Housing Starts Above One Million; Housing Sector Rally; CPI; AAPL Prints Above 100; COMPQ New 14-1/2 Year Record High

Asia shares are higher across the board as the global rally continues. Geopolitics are in the rear view mirror. The dollar/yen moves higher to 102.60 so the weaker yen, courtesy of the BOJ money printing, fuels the stock market gains. The NIKK gains +0.8%. HSI +0.7%. The SSEC is up +0.6% at 2240 matching last December’s highs. KOSPI +0.9%. Screens are a sea of green feedi

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et value for the Dow Jones Industrial Average which is over 2000 points higher than present levels. CNBC television trader Stephen Weiss says stocks will continue moving higher. The pundits stream across the television screens one more bullish than the next.

News reports say an American journalist, James Wright Foley, kidnapped in Syria a couple years ago is beheaded in Iraq by ISIS. An American aid worker is kidnapped by ISIS so terrorists will target Americans more and more around the globe. In the Israel-Hamas conflict, Hamas fires rockets into Israel shattering the near six-day cease-fire. Israel walks out of the peace talks in Cairo refusing to negotiate as long as Hamas fires rockets into Israel. The ebola outbreak continues with 1200 dead and over 2250 sickened in West Africa.

In St Louis, a criminal brandishing a knife is shot dead by police during a robbery. This will only inflame the ongoing race riots. Attorney General Holder does not appear in Ferguson (St Louis) today and instead will appear tomorrow. Protestors vow to riot every night until the white police officer is arrested for the shooting of the unarmed teenager. Russia, China and Iran chime in criticizing the US for the ongoing St Louis race riots and say America may be better served to address their own domestic problems instead of inserting itself all around the world.

Monday, August 18, 2014

MONDAY 8/18/14; Global Relief Rally; Shiller Warning; COMPQ Prints Above 4500 at 14-1/2 Year Record High; URBN

The dollar/yen is sideways at 102.47 so the NIKK trades flat. Ukraine fears are subsiding with Asia shrugging off geopolitics. India is on fire with the Nifty Index up +1.1%. Swiss pharma company Roche plans to buy the remaining shares of Japanese pharma Chugai but the company says it is not interested in becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of Roche. Chugai Pharma catapults +21% higher with Roche trading up +1%. Japan M&A activity is increasing. Japan retailers trade lower.

Thailand’s GDP is +0.9% avoiding 

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rikes, is a big success and avoided a human catastrophe if the dam was destroyed. The president congratulates himself on his efforts in Iraq and says “a major step forward” is occurring.

After the closing bell, URBN earnings beat expectations but the stock trades lower in AH trading. ARO bounces +10% after CEO Thomas Johnson steps down. Activist investor Blue Harbor owns an approximate 7% stake in RAX and the news sends shares higher. Online cosmetic company JMEI drops -3.5% despite posting strong earnings.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

SUNDAY 8/17/14; Pakistan Unrest

The Pakistan tension escalates with both the cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan and the outspoken cleric Tahir ul-Qadri calling for the resignation of PM Nawaz Sharif due to allegations of corruption and voter fraud in the last election. The two men lead their respective anti-government groups, thousands of followers, to the capital Islamabad where a confrontation may occ

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 jobs should be expanding by leaps and bounds, not contracting, if the economic recovery was strong.

A Ukraine fighter jet is shot down in eastern Ukraine by pro-Russian separatists but global traders instead focus on talks behind the scenes between Merkel and Putin that may lead to a peaceful resolution. Asia is set to trade higher with US futures strongly higher. S&P futures are +6.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

SATURDAY 8/16/14

The looting and race riots continues in St Louis, Missouri, in response to the killing of the unarmed black youth by police. The ambulance-chasers like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the NAACP and Black Panthers show up to stoke the black-white hatred message under the guise of helping. Jackson and Sharpton benefit monetarily and organizations such as the NAACP receive donations and funding

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wasting time on FB and TWTR consume American lives as the majority of the population prefers to remain ignorant concerning geopolitics. As the saying goes, “ignorance is bliss.”

The WHO says the ebola outbreak is far larger than currently reported and the death count is underestimated. Currently, over 2100 people are infected with ebola and 1145 deaths have occurred all in the West African countries of Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

Friday, August 15, 2014

FRIDAY 8/15/14; Hang Seng Index 25K; Pakistan Tension; Italy and France Record Low Bond Yields; EL; PPI; Consumer Sentiment; Ukraine Troops Attack Russia Military; OpEx

The dollar/yen moves sideways at 102.50 so the NIKK trades flat. The BOJ may have to lower growth forecasts again. Asia is up across the board overnight choosing to follow the Putin happy talk path instead of the depressing European deflation path. The SSEC gains +0.9% and the Hang Seng Index, fueled by a China Mobile +6% gain, tags the 25K level not seen for six years. T

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Gundlach says the 10-year yield may drop to 2.2% which is a reasonable forecast since the short-covering just described may easily take the TNX down to 2.2%.

The low European bond yields are a major story this week. The German bund slipped under 1% and the short duration yields went negative. Investors are now paying Germany to hold their money. Ireland’s 10-year bond yield is 2.09% a multi-decade low. Belgian yields are at multi-decade lows. France’s 10-year dropped to 1.39% this week and Spain is also setting low yield records.

Europe is slipping into a Japan-style deflationary funk that may last years or a decade or more. The sick man of Europe is very ill. The ECB will be forced to act but they are limited. The US and Japan are sovereign nations with their own central bank so the money-printing (QE stimulus) comes easy with a flick of the switch. In Europe, however, the central bank has to satisfy many member nations and thereby has less monetary tools available. ECB President Draghi is losing sleep this evening. Europeans face a tough road ahead and the word that no one wanted to utter, deflation, is coming home to roost. Global deflation is an outcome that nearly every economist, trader, analyst and strategist continues to reject, just as they rejected any thought of European deflation over the last couple years.

FedEx is indicted on charges of shipping illegal prescription drugs from two pharmacies knowing that the prescriptions may be invalid. FDX and UPS will likely trade lower on Monday on worry that the shippers will have to bear more responsibility for products moving through their facilities (which means higher costs and lower profits).

F recalls 160K Focus and Escape models due to wiring problems that will cause the vehicles to lose power and stall. Famous investor George Soros, known for exceptional market timing and directional calls, is greatly increasing put positions in the SPY ETF to over $2 billion. However, Soros remains long many stocks and his fund’s large short bet may be more of a hedge against the ongoing long positions.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

THURSDAY 8/14/14; Europe GDP's; German 10-Year Yield Drops Under 1%; WMT; KSS; 30-Year Bond Auction; JWN; JCP; AMAT

Japan Machinery are up +8.8% far below the +15.3% forecasts. Semiconductor machinery orders bump higher but this may be short-lived since the several chip companies are reporting weakness. The dollar/yen tags 102.50 so the weaker yen drives the NIKK +0.7% higher. Australia trades +0.6% higher on robust earnings reports. Telco giant Telstra jumps +2% on strong pr

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dent Putin’s words have the greatest affect on global markets so pay attention to what he says and does. The truck convoy from Russia into Ukraine is detouring to cross at pro-Russian separatist check points rather than Ukraine troop check points.

Stocks inch higher all day long from start to finish. Traders are keying off of Putin’s positive remarks since Friday and the conciliatory tone is creating stock market buoyancy. At 1 PM, the 30-Year Bond Auction goes off at 3.224%.

Healthcare provider and pharma supplier PRGO is up +7.3% the top gainer today rising on robust earnings. AMGN jumps +4% as long traders buy any dips in biotech and pharma stocks. PLUG gains +4.4% as traders hype the fuel cell sector. FCEL jumps +7%. AAP gains +7% as folks keep their used cars on the road and require replacement parts. SEAS continues sinking down -5% adding to ongoing losses; the faces are sad rather than happy at SeaWorld.

The session ends with the SPX gaining 8 points, +0.4%, to 1955, settling exactly between the 20-day MA support at 1952.83 and 50-day MA resistance at 1956.77. The Dow is up 62 points, +0.4%, to 16714. The Nasdaq gains 19 points, +0.4%, to 4453. The RUT gains 2 points, +0.1%, to 1143. Small caps underperform despite traders chasing into biotech and pharma speculative stocks. The VIX drops to 12.42 so the low volatility fuels the stock market upside. Utilities are strong with UTIL gaining +0.8% outperforming.

After the closing bell, Monster Beverage explodes higher from an energy boost to earnings and a $2 billion investment by KO. Coke now has a 17% stake in Monster. MNST is up +26% in AH trading and KO gains +1%. JWN trades lower after reporting in line earnings and announcing the acquisition of the personalized men’s clothier Trunk Club for $350 million. JCP bounces +5% after an earnings beat. AMAT is up +2% on strong earnings and chip equipment orders from Samsung and TSM. ADSK gains +5% on an earnings beat. The AH action is generally very positive so this will likely fuel higher US futures overnight.

Protests continue in Ferguson, St Louis, over the shooting of an unarmed black teen. Rioters need little excuse to vent frustration especially as the US social classes continue separating into rich and poor with the middle class disappearing. Despite trying to create calm, the police revert to tear gas and flash bombs to disperse the crowd. The situation is not improving.

The Vatican surprisingly suggests that military action may be required in Iraq to save the Christians, Jews and Yazidi people from genocide.

A 1962 Ferrarri 250 GTO is auctioned off at $38.1 million breaking records. Only 39 were manufactured between 1962 and 1964. The wealthy, made wealthier by the Fed and other central banker easy money policies, continue to buy expensive real estate, art, collectables and vintage cars as the middle class and poor suffer through ongoing structural unemployment.

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WEDNESDAY 8/13/14; Japan GDP; DE; M; Retail Sales; Business Inventories; 10-Year Note Auction; CSCO

Japan brushes off a very weak GDP number at -6.8% the worse since March 2011 during the Fukishima disaster. The NIKK gains +0.4% to 15213. India trades flat to lower. Asian markets are upbeat trading higher despite weak data and tech struggling in yesterday’s trade.

China retail sales and industrial production data is weaker than expected; however, the SSEC is flat and HSI gains +0.8%. Traders like weak data since it means the central bankers will keep goosing the stoc

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merging countries. In the last five years, Cisco has axed 26K workers. NTAP trades up +0.9% reporting strong earnings in the data storage sector.

AMGN drops -2% after disappointing drug trials. WMT continues to trade lower adding to the -0.3% loss during the session which is a strong up tape. Wal-Mart earnings are released in the morning.

Monday, August 11, 2014

TUESDAY 8/12/14; Baghdad in Chaos Ahead of Potential Coup; NFIB; KATE; JOLTS; FOSL

Singapore Q2 GDP is +2.4% on target with expectations and above last quarter’s +2.1%. The NIKK climbs higher in the early going due to the weaker yen with the dollar/yen up to 102.26. Australia trades higher with miners strong. As the Aussie session continues the banks receive a strong bid resulting in an upside +1.3% rally for the SPASX200. The Thai holiday continues with Bangkok trading closed. The Nikkei Index finishes modestly higher up +0.2% with China stocks flat.

South Korea is pumping the markets and economy with easy money but the KOSPI ends the session only slightly higher. Money flows into Kia Motors gaining +2.2%. India stocks are +1% across the board with a party occurring due to the happy Tata Motors earnings and strong profits.

A convoy of 280 trucks are moving from Russia into the Ukraine providing humanitarian relief.

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 Clippers basketball team is official. As offensive and sickening the racist comments were by the prior owner, a sad day occurs in America since if you say something deemed offensive by a majority, authorities will step in and take your assets away.

The Crop Report indicates a record high corn crop expected although a hair under prior estimates. Corn price is printing at multi-year lows which will provide from the ongoing food inflation. High wheat yields are expected and soybean yields are also in line. Drought remains in southern States and especially out in California but overall a banner year for ag commodities is expected. Strong supplies and friendly weather conditions will keep prices lower.

Revel Casino is the fourth casino to close in Atlantic City, New Jersey, this year. Atlantic City is more a working-class destination so the ongoing structural underemployment and unemployment in America does not permit common folks to take gambling vacations anymore. The wealthy made richer by the Fed easy money policies gamble at more luxurious higher-class joints. Competition is far greater these days as well since the majority of States have changed laws to permit gambling. The casinos are the anchor that supports many local businesses so the social fabric of the city is torn to shreds with the closures.

Equities leak lower all day long on low volume. URBN trades higher on a Wunderlich upgrade. FSLR is added to the C focus list but trades -0.4%. Media stocks are weak.
At the closing bell, the SPX is down 3 points, -0.2%, to 1934. The Dow drops 9 points, -0.1%, to 16561. The COMPQ loses 12 points, -0.3%, to 4389.  The RUT small caps lose 9 points, -0.8%, to 1133. The VIX is down to 14.13 so volatility and the indexes both drop-one of them is wrong. The energy sector is weak.

After the close, KING is beaten -14% after revenue misses and the outlook is reduced. The Candy Crush game is a one-hit wonder. JDSU beats by a penny on EPS and the top line bears but the stock is down -6% due to lower guidance. CREE drops -6% on lackluster earnings and lower guidance. FOSL loses -0.5% after reporting strong earnings.

MONDAY 8/11/14; African Bank Bailout; Global Stock Market Rally; PCLN; SYY; CZR; RAX

Economic data shows that China is receiving less bang for its buck as it continues to stimulate the economy. Monetary policy is not as effective as it was a few years ago, however, the Chinese

[Text is Redacted: Purchase August 2014-08 to Read the Complete Chronology]

 share offering which will dilute the existing shares.

The Whitehouse is backing the new Iraq PM Haider al-Abadi but Nouri al-Maliki remains in power and is not planning to go anywhere. The Whitehouse continues to hope for an inclusive government of Sunni, Shiite and Kurds while the ISIS Sunni radicals and Shiite kill each other. Thousands of Christians and Yazidi people remain stranded on Mt Sinjar in northern Iraq with relief efforts underway. Iraq is in chaos.

Russia wants to team up with the Red Cross to provide aid to East Ukraine, however, the West and Ukraine believes the offer is a ruse to send troops deeper into the Ukraine to destabilize the country as well as creating a stronger Russian presence in Ukraine. While President Obama is hob-knobbing with the wealthy one percent at Martha’s Vineyard, playground of the rich and famous, President Putin is a fox sneaking into the Ukraine hen house.

The ebola outbreak is deemed the worse ebola outbreak in history. If ebola appears in Europe or North America the fear over the deadly disease will ramp up exponentially.

SUNDAY 8/10/14

The military airstrikes against ISIS militants in Iraq continues. ISIS continues to expand its presence in Iraq swallowing-up more real estate each day and continues to control the Mosul Dam. There were nearly two million Christians in Iraq a few short years ago and now there is about 200K. Airdrops continue to the thousands of Christians exiled at Mount Sin

[Text is Redacted: Purchase August 2014-08 to Read the Complete Chronology]

In near darkness, Rory McIlroy wins the PGA Championship at Valhalla Golf Club, Louisville, Kentucky; the last of the four golf major tournaments this year. The win is McIlroy’s fourth major and is the first back to back major winner since 2008. Sponsors such as NKE and Omega wrist watches are happy backing the winning horse.


The Hawaii hurricanes turn out to be a pig in a poke with the tropical paradise dodging a bullet. Hurricane Julio is moving north so the negative affects are mitigated. The supermoon full moon occurs this weekend where the moon appears 14% closer and 30% brighter than the typical full moon each month. Stocks typically trade bullishly through the full moon each month and this month appears to be no exception.

Nearly 300 earthquakes have occurred in Oklahoma, USA,over  the last seven months in excess of 3.0 magnitude; over one per day. Including the lesser tremors, the ground is shaking more than Elvis Presley’s hips. A dispute continues over whether the pumping of waste water into disposal wells is the cause but the tremors did begin and intensify in relation to the increased use of oil and gas fracking.

At 10:30 AM, with his vacation bags packed on the helicopter behind him, President Obama speaks threatening the ISIS militants in Iraq with continued airstrikes. UK PM Cameron and France PM Hollande support the US and will provide humanitarian assistance to the refugees. Obama and Merkel agree over the Ukraine stating that further Russian aggression will 

[Text is Redacted: Purchase August 2014-08 to Read the Complete Chronology]

 crisis; ongoing Whitehouse scandals including IRS, VA, Benghazi and Obamacare; upcoming Congressional elections in November; global terrorism on the increase; and world anti-Semitism increasing.

A court rules in favor of paying NCAA college athletes for use of their likeliness in media content and advertising. The ruling breaks through the amateur versus professional sports barrier and will change college athletics forever. Athletes may end up unionizing in the months and years ahead.

Golf pro Rory McIlroy leads the field at the PGA Championship at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky; the last of the four major golf tournaments held each year (the Grand Slam). 

Friday, August 8, 2014

FRIDAY 8/8/14; Geopolitics Rattle Global Markets; Productivity and Costs; US Fighter Jets Strike Northern Iraq; Russia Requesting De-Escalation in Ukraine; Wholesale Trade

The US authorization of air strikes against the ISIS militants in Iraq rattles world markets. Global contagion continues as international stocks are a sea of red. WTIC crude oil climbs to 98.13 and Brent crude oil is up to 106.41. Natty gas gains +0.5% to 3.89. S&P futures are down -14. Dow -105. Gold moves higher to 1317. Copper is weak.

The WHO declares the ebola outbreak as an international emergency as the death count approaches 1K. Italy’s young leader PM Matteo Renzi is trying to pass reforms to help the flailing economy. Italy is in a multi-year recession that never ends and the contagion is dragging down Europe. Israel says the Gaza cease-fire was violated by Hamas rocket fire as the violence rises in day 32 of the Israel-Hamas war and day 22 of the Israeli incursion into Gaza. The Ukraine-Russia turmoil continues with the UN calling on Russia “to step back from the brink.” The Russian Ruble currency pair climbs to 36.4669 showing a continuing weakening of the ruble and money leaving Russia. Geopolitical angst punches global markets in the gut overnight.

The dollar/yen 101.78 losing the 102 level. The BOJ leaves rates unchanged and maintains monetary policy steady for 20 consecutive meetings. Japan’s central bank reports weakness in expor

[Text is Redacted: Purchase August 2014-08 to Read the Complete Chronology]

g +1%. The BOJ remains very active buying assets with the JGB’s printing at multi-year lows at 0.50%. Global bond yields move lower with Europe printing multi-century low yields. Perhaps global deflation, that no one expects, is on the horizon?

The relative Ukraine calmness creates the Friday rally. The pro-Russian separatist leader in the Donetsk and eastern Ukraine area stepped down earlier in the week a sign that the Ukranian troops are making headway in restoring calm to the country. Today Russia warms up to the idea of a peaceful resolution. The takeaway from the trading session is that Russia is the main geopolitical event. The global market turnaround started with the S&P futures bottoming at 1890 in the early hours on Friday morning.

Another Obamacare official loses emails and cannot produce the documents to investigators. Over 20 people have claimed to have lost their emails concerning ongoing Whitehouse scandal investigations. People realize there are two sets of rules; one set for the elite politicians and wealthy and the other for everyone else. Folks lose confidence in government and along with the ongoing separation of the classes; these events will lead to future social unrest.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

THURSDAY 8/7/14; Global Food Fight; Euro Zone Deflation Fears; Germany 2-Year Yield Falls Below Zero; BOE Rate Decision; ECB Rate Decision and Press Conference; CTB; WPP; DUK; Consumer Credit; ED; NVDA; SCTY; ZNGA; ISIS Radicals Exile Christians in Northern Iraq Escalating Holy War

The world’s largest food fight begins with Russia’s retaliatory sanctions. Putin is banning fish, beef, fruits and vegetables from the US, Europe (especially Norway), Canada and Australia. Putin suspends US poultry imports into Russia so Americans will have to eat more chicken. There are no restrictions placed on baby food or wine. The Russians will be left to eat bread washing it down with Vodka. Putin threatens that the next round of sanctions will limit t

[Text is Redacted: Purchase August 2014-08 to Read the Complete Chronology]

wn -0.5%, to 1120. The computer algorithms are in control today uniformly moving stocks lower.

Trannies were trading higher early in the day on lower oil prices but once the geopolitical tensions increased oil prices run higher and TRAN drops -0.2%. XLE pukes -0.6% so energy leads lower. XLF is down -0.5% so financials lead lower. Airlines nosedive into a mountain with XAL down -1.9%. Utilities are a bright spot with XLU gaining +1.2% due to lower Treasury yields. Homebuilders that also benefit from lower rates move flat today avoiding the heavier losses in the broad market.

The 10-year yield is 2.415% losing the multi-month support at 2.44%. Disinflation and deflation may be here to stay no matter what the Fed and other central bankers do or say. If deflation rears its ugly head, the near six-year QE experiment implemented at the end of Fed Chair Greenspan’s tenure and at the beginning of Fed Chair Bernanke’s term, and now continued by Fed Chair Yellen, Keynesians all, will prove a failure.

After the closing bell, Zynga earnings meet on the zero EPS expectation but miss by a wide margin on the top line. ZNGA collapses -7% in the AH trading. CBS Corp beats on EPS at 78 cents versus 71 cents but revenue is light. CBS announces a buyback but this does not help the stock price that tumbles almost -3% lower. News Corp misses on EPS but beats on revenue by a hair. NWSA trades flat to higher. GPS gains +4.6% after reporting stronger than expected sales. NVDA is up +3.5% on an earnings beat. ED trades +1% higher in the session and up +0.4% after the closing bell on its earnings release.

LGF bounces +1.5% after missing on EPS but beating on top line sales. Lululemon founder Chip Wilson agrees not to wage a proxy battle so LULU stretches +8% higher on the news. TKMR bounces +7% after the FDA will allow testing on its ebola drug to proceed. Telmira Pharma is up and down like a ping pong ball as the ebola headlines dominate the news. Elon Musk’s SCTY shines +2.5% after earnings. SUNE gains +12%.

Six of the 30 Dow Industrials Average Index stocks are in correction mode down more than -10% off the top including AXP -11%, BA -17%, MCD -10%, PFE, -15% UTX -14% and V -11%. Five more of the Dirty Thirty are down more than -9% knocking on the correction door including GE, JPM, UNH, VZ and WMT. 28 of the 30 Dow stocks are down -5% or more and the Dow is down -4.8% (from 17160 to 16330 in 16 days; an 830 point drop thus far). The Dow is negative on the year and testing the 20-day MA support at 16343.

The Obamacare debacle ramps up again as evidence shows that important emails sent and received from Administrator Marilyn Tavenner were deleted. The destruction of evidence rhymes with Lois Lerner and other IRS employees destroying emails pertinent to the ongoing IRS scandal investigation. The ongoing Whitehouse scandals, which President Obama calls “phony scandals,” are very reminiscent of the Nixon years and the missing 15 minutes of audio tape. People under investigation tend not to destroy evidence unless it will send them, and perhaps higher ups, up the river. Foreign and domestic matters are a mess with the world spinning out of control.

At 5 PM EST, the New York Times says that US airstrikes have begun in northern Iraq. At 5:30 PM the Pentagon denies the US press reports concerning air strikes. Global traders prepare for a shaky night ahead. Oil climbs as the geopolitical situations deteriorate. WTIC crude oil 97.34. Brent 105.81. The 40K Christians exiled on a mountain top in northern Iraq by ISIS Sunni militants are dying. A genocide event may occur where the Christians are slaughtered by ISIS or they will die from thirst and starvation. Iraq is Hell on Earth incarnate where evil is belching from the planet’s loins. The new Holy War begins in earnest.

At 6:45 PM, the humanitarian effort to aid the Christians stranded on the mountain top in northern Iraq is underway. The US is helping with the air flights dropping water, food, medical supplies and survival gear to the 40K refugees. Geopolitical tensions escalate.

WEDNESDAY 8/6/14; Global Contagion; Protectionism on the Rise; Italy in Recession; International Trade; AOL; CHK; TWX; FOXA; TNX and Dollar/Yen Mini Flash Crashes; FTK; SD; JACK

China regulators are targeting Audi and Chrysler over monopolistic behavior and plan to punish the companies. The protectionism wars are ramping up. Nations are protecting their own companies at the expense of foreign companies which creates a race to the bottom a la the 193

[Text is Redacted: Purchase August 2014-08 to Read the Complete Chronology]

 time. Ditto GTLS so the liquefied gas terminal and plant design, engineering and construction activity must be slowing. The stock LNG fares much better printing at bubble highs but likely topping out.

Canaccord Genuity’s strategist Tony Dwyer says “we are closer to the end of the correction than the beginning.” Dwyer remains strongly bullish saying it is time to buy and “buy aggressively.” Dwyer says “SPX 2185 will print this year.” Dennis Gartman of the Gartman Letter says “stay quietly long” the equity markets. The bulls remain very positive.

The day ends with markets moving strongly down, then strongly up, but then finishing flat as a pancake. The SPX is up three measly pennies, dead flat, at 1920. The Dow is also flat at 16443. Ditto the COMPQ at 4355. The RUT gains 4 points, +0.4%, to 1126. Gold gains +2%. The dollar/yen drops to 102.10. The 10-year yield ends at 2.47% with the German bund at a record 1.09%. Copper loses luster down -1.4%. It is very surprising the markets did not sell off strongly on the weaker copper.

After the closing bell, oil and gas driller RIG beats on earnings and pumps +2.6% higher. Oil and gas company SD slides -5% lower after reporting earnings. ZU trades flat after it beats on earnings but guidance is lowered. FOXA beats on top and bottom lines and bounces +3.6% higher. JACK springs +6.4% higher like a Jack In The Box boosted by the Qdoba Mexican Grill chain success. GMCR falls -3.1% after slipping on a used-up K-cup; Keurig Green Mountain beats on EPS but misses on the top line sales. FTK dumps -6% after earnings.

The ECB monthly meeting is tomorrow and will dictate the action in the futures. The ECB rate decision statement is released at 7:45 AM EST followed by President Draghi’s press conference at 8:30 AM.

President Obama speaks in the early evening and strengthens his rhetoric against tax inversions. The president uses the terminology ‘corporate’ inversions. Note how the clever politicians use words to manipulate your mind. By calling it a corporate inversion, the president creates a negative connotation in the general population’s minds against corporate America, big business; the ‘fat cats’ that President Obama beat up on after his first election.

By calling the tax inversion deals corporate inversions the president fuels the flames of class warfare and places the blame for the lackluster economic squarely on the corporate conference table. The political mind manipulation is a method of stirring up the democratic base to make sure they vote and elect democrats to office. Republicans perform the same word games to manipulate their adoring lackeys; there is no difference between the two parties. Amazing what one little word can do, isn’t it? Think about how your mind is manipulated daily by the politicians, companies and others in power that push their particular agenda.

The president speaks on the Israel-Gaza conflict and the Ukraine-Russia turmoil. The ebola outbreak is also discussed but the president’s comments and Q&A session does not offer anything new.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

TUESDAY 8/5/14; PMI Services; CVS; COH; Factory Orders; Potential Russia Invasion into Ukraine; DIS; GRPN

The RBA maintains the cash rate at the record low 2.5% unchanged as expected. Aussie dollar 0.9338. The mining investment boom in Australia continues to trail off so the central bankers are trying to aid the domestic economy as well as address the overheated housing sector. SPASX200 -0.4%. Ear implant maker Cochlear jumps +10% after traders listen to a strong earnings report.

[Text is Redacted: Purchase August 2014-08 to Read the Complete Chronology]

o say, “Poland stands on the brink of conflict,” a much tamer statement concerning the Ukraine civil war than “Russia is about to invade” which created the mini panic today. The Israel-Hamas cease-fire is holding so peace talks may begin in Egypt in a couple days.

A UAL airplane makes an emergency landing at Hallifax airport in Nova Scotia, due to fire and smoke. The Boeing 777 took from New Jersey heading to Brussels. BA and UAL may trade weaker tomorrow as an investigation begins.

Polls continue to show a growing frustration with President Obama and the economy. The president’s approval remains low and drops to 40% and lower. The 40% are likely individuals that would support the president no matter what. 70% of Americans believe the country is moving in the wrong direction. Over one-half of Americans think the economy is in recession even though the ivory tower economists and politicians say everything is rosy. Of course the cheer leaders are the wealthy that benefit from the Fed’s easy money Keynesian policies with stock gains beyond their wildest dreams all at the expense of the middle and lower class. The vanishing middle class creates a further separation between rich and poor.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

MONDAY 8/4/14; Portugal Bank Bailout; KORS; CAH; AIG; MRO

China issues a threat concerning the debt. The PBOC wants to avoid the use of stimulus since it may do more harm than good; the central bank is likely studying the affect of stimulus on the US markets where all price discovery is lost after over five years of obscene money printing. The China PMI services index is 54.2 falling to a six-month low. New orders are weak. Real estate is a major drag as the property market continues to falter. A 6.5 magnitude earthquake hits the Yunnan province in China killing nearly 400 people and injuring nearly 2000. Electric power is lost in the region. 12K homes are destroyed. Chinese authorities arrest six individuals concerning the ongoing Shanghai Husi meat scandal.

[Text is Redacted: Purchase August 2014-08 to Read the Complete Chronology]

l operator THC trades lower after reporting earnings. LF croaks -12% on weak earnings and guidance. SALE misses on earnings and goes on sale dropping -19% in a knee-jerk reaction then recovering to down -5%.

PG plans to cut 100 less profitable brands over the coming months to streamline and simplify the company. Proctor and Gamble will focus on core products such as Tide detergent. LinkedIn agrees to pay $6 million in damages and back wages to both former and current employees that worked uncompensated overtime during the last couple years. LNKD trades lower. Labor violations are a serious black mark on a company.

Ukraine troops continue fighting pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk and the violence hampers the MH17 airplane crash recovery and investigation. Bones and human remains recovery efforts from the MH17 airplane crash are hampered by the escalation in fighting.

SUNDAY 8/3/14

India is pummeled with heavy rains and flash floods. A massive landslide in Nepal’s Sindhupalchowk district kills nine (100 are missing and feared dead) and buries nearly one hundred homes under mud. Thousands are evacuating from the region as well as from the Madhub

[Text is Redacted: Purchase August 2014-08 to Read the Complete Chronology]

c and senseless war on coal.

Russia’s President Putin is introducing a new sales tax on citizens to support the flailing economy that is exacerbated by sanctions from the West. Putin enjoys broad popularity in Russia ever since the Crimea annexation, however, the national pride may fade as he passes around the hat requiring everyone to pay.

SATURDAY 8/2/14; Ebola Fear

More than 700 people have died of the ebola outbreak. Two patients begin arriving in the US and will be admitted to the Emory University Hospital in Georgia. The cable news 

[Text is Redacted: Purchase August 2014-08 to Read the Complete Chronology]

panies that have never profited by one thin dime are going public or being bought out for billions of dollars. The M&A and IPO activity is at fevers pitch. Traders are tripping over each other to buy the latest shiny IPO object without any concern that the company is profitless.