Tuesday, June 30, 2015

WEDNESDAY 7/1/15; First Day of Q3 Trading; Global PMI’s; Greece Reaches Potential Bailout Deal with Creditors; ADP Employment Report; STZ; GIS; UNF; ISM Mfg Index

At 8:12 AM Tokyo time (7:12 PM EST in the States; 7:12 AM Hong Kong), the euro is 1.1132. Dollar/yen 122.41. Pound 1.5790. Aussie dollar 0.7696

WTIC oil 59.47. Brent oil 63.59. Natty gas 2.83. Gold 1172. Silver 15.58. Copper 2.6150.

US Treasury yields are; 2-year 0.64%, 5-year 1.65%, 10-year 2.35%, 30-year 3.12%. The 2-10 spread is 171 bips. German bund 0.766%. Japan 10-year yield 0.446%.

113 people were killed in 

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art bubble continues to expand with an Andy Warhol painting of a dollar bill goes for $32.8 million at a BID auction and the asking price was $26 million. The wealthy, that have become immensely rich due to the Fed and other central banker money-printing, are buying expensive art to diversify their wealth inflating bubbles across all asset classes.

Euro 1.1042. Dollar/yen 123.20. Pound 1.5604. WTIC oil 56.95. Brent 62.01. Natty gas 2.803. Gold 1168. Silver 15.525. Copper 2.629.

Treasury yields are; 2-year 0.69%, 5-year 1.71%, 10-year 2.427%, 30-year 3.207%. German bund 0.827%. Japan 10-year yield 0.459%.

TUESDAY 6/30/15; EOM; EOQ2; EOH1; CAG; Chicago PMI; Consumer Confidence; Greece Misses IMF Payment now in ‘Arrears’; SPX and INDU Print Negative Quarters; Record M&A Activity

At 9:30 AM Tokyo time (8:30 PM EST Monday evening), S&P futures are up +4. Dow +37. Nasdaq +8. Euro 1.1212. Dollar/yen 122.55. Pound 1.5734. WTIC oil 58.29. Brent oil 61.99. Natty gas 2.802. Gold 1178. Silver 15.705. Copper 2.6345.

US Treasury yields are; 2-year 0.64%, 5-year 1.62, 10-year 2.32%, 30-year 3.097%. German bund 0.779%. Japan 10-year yield 0.457%. UK gilt 2.03%.

Asian indexes begin trading with the NIKK and KOSPI marginally higher and the SPASX200 marginally lower. S&P +3. Dow +30. Nasdaq +7. Gold 1180.

The NIKK ends the session up 

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tick tock the clock strikes 12 in Brussels so Greece officially misses the 1.6 billion euro ($1.8 billion) IMF debt payment (1 AM Wednesday morning Athens; 11 PM London time). Greece is in ‘arrears’ unable to pay its debt. The two-decade beach party is over. The IMF confirms that Greece failed to meet the payment deadline. Greece has requested an extension of the payment deadline.

Fed’s Bullard says raising rates can help protect against asset bubbles. Bullard expresses concern that stocks are following a path similar to the dotcom bubble days.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

MONDAY 6/29/15; Greek Bank Runs and Capital Controls; Greece Banks Close Creating Cascading Global Selloff; SSEC in Bear Market; Puerto Rico “Death Spiral”: European and US Stocks Collapse; SPX and INDU Negative for 2015

At 8:38 AM Tokyo time Monday morning (7:38 PM Sunday evening in the States), the NIKK is set to open

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...................FBI is establishing command centers around the United States ahead of the July 4th Independence day holiday under the guise of preparedness in case any terrorism event occurs. Conveniently, for them, the command centers will remain after the holiday ends. The centers will provide easier capabilities for NSA spying and monitoring of US citizens. The police militarization of America continues.

SUNDAY 6/28/15; Greece Bailout Negotiations Break Down; ECB Maintains ELA Lifeline; Greece Imposes Capital Controls

Severe rainstorms continue 

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................. delivers dire news imposing capital controls. Greek banks will be closed on Monday and through the entire week ahead. Global markets will begin the week on a sour note.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

SATURDAY 6/27/15; China Cuts Rates; Eurogroup Last-Ditch Meeting on Greece

SPX 2101. INDU 17947. COMPQ 5080. RUT 1280. DAX 11492. CAC 5059. FTSE 6754. MIB 23.8K. IBEX 11732. PSI 5835. NIKK 20706. SPASX200 5546. KOSPI 2090. SSEC 4193. HSI 26664. BSE 27812.

Euro 1.1165. Dollar/yen 123.85. Pound 1.5747. WTIC oil 59.65. Brent oil 63.26. Natural gas 2.772. Gold 1174. Silver 15.745. Copper 2.65.

US Treasury yields are; 2-year 0.716%, 5-year 1.76%, 10-year 2.47%, 30-year 3.24%. The 2-10 spread is 175 bips indicating a steepening yield curve encouraging traders to buy banks. German bund 0.925%. Japan 10-year yield 0.48%.

Greeks line up at banks overnight pulling money out of ATM’s ................

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................ 39 vacationers frolicking on the beach one minute and dead in a pool of blood the next. Tunisia’s tourism industry will be negatively impacted. Thousands of Tunisians take to the streets denouncing terrorism and demanding more security.

Friday, June 26, 2015

FRIDAY 6/26/15; Japan Data; China Stock Market Crash; Greece Angst; Terrorism; FINL; Consumer Sentiment

At 7:20 PM EST Thursday evening in the States (8:20 AM Tokyo Friday morning), US futures are flat. S&P +1. Dow +20. Nasdaq -2. The disappointing MU earnings release will create a weak bias in semiconductors and tech stocks while the NKE joy will boost multinationals. The Greece bailout drama remains in limbo. Euro 1.1201. Dollar/yen 123.57. Pound 1.5746. USD 95.21. Aussie dollar 0.7736.

WTIC oil 59.67. Brent oil 63.20. Natural gas 2.837. Gold 1173. Silver 15.835. Copper 2.6265.

US Treasury yields are; 2-year 0.69%, 5-year 1.71%, 10-year 2.41%, 30-year 3.177%. German bund 0.863%. Japan 10-year yield 0.462%.

Japan CPI (consumer price index) is up +0.1% year on year a hair above expectations. Household spending is 

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concerned as bank runs increase with lines forming at ATM’s. Greek officials tell the public the banks will remain open and there is nothing to worry about. When politicians or company executives tell you not to worry, that is the time to worry.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

THURSDAY 6/25/15; Asian Indexes Selloff; Greece Drama and Confusion Continues; WGO; Personal Income and Outlays; MU; NKE

Asian indexes follow the US lead and print red numbers 

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 IRS erases thousands of emails from Lois Lerner’s files. Lerner is the IRS director currently under investigation for negatively targeting conservative and Tea Party businesses and organizations. The IRS used their power to prevent conservative organizations from forming ahead of the 2012 presidential election which allowed an easier path for President Obama to gain re-election. Investigators are trying to determine if the president and Whitehouse staff had direct involvement with the IRS scandal. The Whitehouse and Clinton scandals continue but email documentation keeps getting erased before it can be provided as evidence in the investigations. Welcome to America in 2015.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

WEDNESDAY 6/24/15; NIKK 19-Year Record High; Greece Drama Continues; LEN; GDP (Gross Domestic Product); COMPQ All-Time Record High; Icahn Causes Market Selloff; BBBY; MLHR

At 9:22 PM EST in the States (10:22 AM Tokyo), Asian indexes are a sea of green with the cascading global rally performing loops around the world. US futures are marginally lower. S&P -1. Dow -5. Nasdaq -2. Euro 1.1168. Dollar/yen 123.86. Pound 1.5740. Aussie dollar 0.7747.

WTIC oil 61.18. Brent oil 64.57. Natty gas 2.73. Gold 1177. Silver 15.77. Copper 2.6205.

US Treasury yields are; 2-year 0.67%, 5-year 1.68%, 10-year 2.40%, 30-year 3.18%. The 2-10 spread is 173 bips.

The NIKK gains +0.3% closing at 20868 the highest in nearly 19 years (1996). The power of the central bankers is unstoppable as

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WTIC oil 60.23. Brent oil 63.49. Natty 2.77. Gold 1176. Silver 15.89. Copper 2.6215.

US Treasury yields are; 2-year 0.68%, 5-year 1.67%, 10-year 2.37%, 30-year 3.15%.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

TUESDAY 6/23/15; Global PMI’s; Cascading Global Rally Continues on Greece Optimism; NIKK 15-Year Record High; BBRY; CCL; DRI; Durable Goods Orders; New Home Sales; COMPQ and RUT All-Time Highs

At 8:30 PM EST Monday evening in the States (9:30 AM Tokyo), Asian indexes are moving higher continuing the global stock market rally on happy Greece talk. US futures are 

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............ euro dropped -1.5% against the US dollar index yesterday the biggest drop in three months. A higher dollar will hurt earnings for multinationals. Greece protests continue and are generally peaceful. Pensioners take to the street concerned that their monthly income will be reduced.

NFLX jumps +2.5% to 700 after declaring a 7 for 1 stock split; the move will drop price to 100 to try and attract retail investors into this year’s top-performing stock.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

MONDAY 6/22/15; Greece Emergency Summit; Global Stock Markets Rally on Potential Greece Bailout Deal; COMPQ and RUT All-Time Record Highs; Existing Home Sales; SONC

At 8 AM Tokyo time (7 PM EST Sunday evening in the States), global traders are expecting a Greece bailout deal. US futures run higher. S&P +10. Dow +74. Nasdaq +19. NIKK is set to open 

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............. Fed Chairman Bernanke says the US Treasury should not replace Andrew Hamilton on the $10 bill with a woman and instead replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. Bernanke says that Hamilton, the first Treasury secretary, was the most foresighted economic policymaker in US history while Jackson exhibited many unattractive qualities.

SUNDAY 6/21/15; First Day of Summer; Father’s Day; Greece Drama

Today is the First Day of Summer and also Father’s Day. The Summer Solstice is celebrated at historic sites such as Stonehenge in England. In the United States, projections for consumer spending for Father’s Day for gifts, restaurants and entertainment is 

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Young pro golfer Jordan Spieth wins the US Open at Chambers Bay Golf Course in the state of Washington his second major before his 22nd birthday. Spieth won the Masters in April. Dustin Johnson and Louis Oosthuizen come up one stroke short. Sportswear retailer UA sponsors Spieth and should receive a bump higher in trading tomorrow.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

SATURDAY 6/20/15; Greece Angst

SPX 2110. INDU 18016. COMPQ 5117. RUT 1285. DAX 11040. CAC 4815. FTSE 6710. MIB 22699. IBEX 10944. NIKK 20174. SPASX200 5597. KOSPI 2047. SSEC 4478. HSI 26761. BSE 27316.

Samsung Galaxy devices are exposed to a bug that 

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HMC reports a confirmed eighth vehicle death (in 2014) due to the faulty Takata airbag deployment. Over 100 people have been injured by the faulty Takata airbags and 34 million have been recalled thus far.

At the US Open golf tournament, there are four co-leaders after three rounds; Jordan Spieth, Dustin Johnson, Branden Grace and Jason Day. The final round is tomorrow. Sportswear retailer Under Armour is a winner sponsoring Jordan Spieth with the “UA” logo shown prominently as Jordan makes his way around the course.

Friday, June 19, 2015

FRIDAY 6/19/15; BOJ Rate Decision; SSEC Mini-Crash; Greece Bailout Drama; KMX; KBH; OpEx Quadruple Witching

Asian indexes follow the US lead and trade higher with the exception of a mini crash in the 

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..... manipulate news events or tug at the heart strings of the masses but in reality none of these images are accurate, sincere or true. One century ago, historian and moralist John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton had it right when he said, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

THURSDAY 6/18/15; BOJ Two-Day Meeting Begins; First Day of Ramadan; Greece Turmoil; Euro 1.14; KR; RAD; CPI (Consumer Price Index); FIT; Philly Fed; COMPQ and RUT New All-Time Record Highs; SWHC; RHT

Asian indexes trade lower except for Korea. Asian traders are concerned over the ongoing Greece turmoil. The NIKK drops -1.1% to 19991 losing the 20K level. 

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Thousands of demonstrators are on Greece streets expressing fear and concern over the ongoing turmoil. Bank outflows are at their highest levels over the last few months; 1 billion euro’s today alone ($1.1 million) as people lose confidence that a bailout solution will occur.

After the first round of the US Open golf tournament, Henrik Stenson and Dustin Johnson lead. Tiger Woods shoots a score of 80 one of his worst scores ever and is beaten by a 15-year old contender. Woods’ golf game has disintegrated which creates concern for sponsor NKE. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

WEDNESDAY 6/17/15; FDX; FOMC Rate Decision, Forecasts and Fed Chair Yellen Press Conference; ORCL; JBL; PIR

Asian indexes follow the US lead trading higher except for NIKK that finishes down slightly -0.2%. The Nikkei Index touches the 20.3K level before retreating. Japan import and export data disappoints. TM loses -1% on additional never-ending airbag recalls.

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 holy month of Ramadan begins at sundown and runs to 7/17/15 where Muslims practice fasting. Terrorism activity is typically reduced during the religious holiday. The Fitbit IPO prices at $20 above the revised higher 17-19 range and begins trading tomorrow on the big board (NYSE) under the symbol FIT.

A white man enters a Charleston, South Carolina, church murdering nine blacks during a prayer meeting. Racial violence, hate crimes and social unrest increases in America. The killer remains at large.

Monday, June 15, 2015

TUESDAY 6/16/15; Cascading Global Sell Off Continues on Greece Turmoil; FOMC Meeting Begins; Housing Starts; European and US Stocks Recover; ADBE; BOBE; LZB

At 9 AM Tokyo time (8 PM EST Monday evening in the States), the NIKK opens down -0.3%. Euro 1.127. Dollar/yen 123.46. Pound 1.5588. WTIC oil 59.53. Brent oil 63.80. Natty 2.912. Gold 1186. Silver 16.04. Copper 2.643. US 10-year yield 2.35%. Japan 10-year yield 0.51%.

In the NHL (hockey) in North America, the Chicago 

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BOBE jumps +4% after earnings so the sausage and eggs are flying off the skillets. LZB collapses -4.2% after earnings. Furniture sales are a key indicator for the strength of the housing sector or lack thereof. ARNA dumps -4% after CFO Robert Hoffman resigns to pursue other interests. Beverage maker DTEA pukes -11% after its first earnings report.

Billionaire Donald Trump enters the race for president on the republican ticket bringing the total candidate count to one dozen. Tropical storm Bill hits the Texas coast in the Gulf of Mexico with high winds and rain. Natural gas has risen from 2.75 to 2.91 over the last two days. On the US West Coast, toxic algae is threatening the crab and clam fisheries.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

MONDAY 6/15/15; Cascading Global Sell Off; Empire State Mfg Survey; Industrial Production; Greece Contagion Worries

The yen strengthens sending the dollar/yen currency pair lower. Dollar/yen 123.30. US dollar index 95.10. Aussie dollar 0.7728. Tensions rise between Indonesia and Australia as Indonesians seeking asylum are

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 nearly 50% of Americans, one-half of the country, disapprove of the job performance of President Obama. The wealthy elite cheer the president since his policies and those of the Federal Reserve have made those that own large stock portfolios filthy rich over the last few years. President Obama and the Fed have created the large multi-decade gap between rich and poor that will lead to ongoing and future social unrest in the United States.

SUNDAY 6/14/15; Flag Day; Greece Talks Collapse

Today is Flag Day in the States a holiday celebrating the US stars and stripes. A UAL flight traveling from Chicago to London was diverted to 

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Euro 1.1226. Dollar/yen 123.33. Pound 1.5563. Aussie dollar 0.7734.

WTIC oil 59.71. Brent oil 63.32. Natural gas 2.78. Gold 1186. Silver 16.00. Copper is trading lower at 2.6785.

Treasury yields are; 2-year 0.73%, 5-year 1.74%, 10-year 2.39%, 30-year 3.10%. The 2-10 spread is 166 bips.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

SATURDAY 6/13/15

SPX 2103. INDU 17899. COMPQ 5051. RUT 1265. DAX 11196. CAC 4901. FTSE 6785. MIB 22878. IBEX 11031. NIKK 20407. SPASX200 5545. KOSPI 2052. SSEC 5166 (seven-year record highs). HSI 27281. BSE 26425.

The California State Water Resources Control Board imposes 

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spewing ash and smoke into the air creating avalanches and mud slides. Airlines are monitoring the skies and directing airplanes around the event.