Sunday, September 18, 2016

Quarterly Reminder September 2016

It's time for the Quarterly Reminder,

The KE Stone blogs (Keybot the Quant; Keystone Speculator; Keystone the Scribe) generate huge international interest with thousands of daily followers and continue to increase but the support does not match the strong interest. At the same time, ad blocking software continues to destroy free original content on the internet.

Daily updates to the Keystone the Scribe website are suspended but the Daily Chronology of Global Markets and World Economics monthly publications will continue through Amazon. The September Daily Chronology 2016-09 will be published and available internationally on 10/1/16. The October release is tentatively set for a 11/5/16 publication date.

The Keybot the Quant algorithm updates are suspended. Ditto all the charts and valuable technical analysis on the Keystone Speculator site. The support for the sites do not match the thousands of daily users. Proceeds from the blogs go to charity.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

SUNDAY 9/18/16; German Elections

The New York City bombing is a major focus of Americans as they wake on Sunday morning. Authorities are determining what links, if any, exist between the 

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Global 10-year yields are; Brazil 12.23%, India 6.87%, Mexico 6.03%, Portugal 3.39%, New Zealand 2.54%, Australia 2.10%, Singapore 1.84%, US 1.69%, South Korea 1.57%, Italy 1.34%, Canada 1.19%, Spain 1.07%, Hong Kong 0.92%, UK 0.87%, France 0.30%, Netherlands 0.11%, Germany 0.00%, Japan -0.05%, Switzerland -0.45%.

The German 10-year yield moves up and out of negative territory this week. The US-German 10-year yield spread is 169 bips. The rise in the Portugal yields is a canary in the sick global economic coal mine. The Portugal 10-year yield was sub 3% a couple weeks ago. The German-Portugal 10-year yield spread is 339 basis points and widening. As the US Apollo 13 astronauts said in 1970 on their trip to the moon, “Houston, we have a problem.” The sick banks in the peripheral nations of Italy, Spain and Portugal, and especially Germany’s Deutsche Bank, may bring the entire global economy and markets to their knees. Pay attention to the Portugal 10-year yield.

Euro 1.1155. Dollar/yen 102.28. Pound 1.3001. US dollar index 96.02. WTIC oil 43.19. Brent oil 45.77. Natural gas 2.96. Gold 1313. Silver 18.84. Copper 2.16.

US Treasury yields will begin the new week of trading at; 2-year 0.76%, 5-year 1.20%, 10-year 1.69%, 30-year 2.45%. The 2-10 spread is 93 basis points up from the 70’s one month ago reflecting a steeper yield curve. The 5-30 spread is 125 bips.

SATURDAY 9/17/16; US Airstrikes Kill Syrian Troops; Bombs Detonate in New Jersey and New York City

SPX 2139. INDU 18124. COMPQ 5245. RUT 1225. NIKK 16519. SPASX200 5297. KOSPI 1999. SSEC 3003. HSI 23336. BSE 28599. DAX 10276. CAC 4332. FTSE 6710. MIB 16192. IBEX 8633. PSI 4471.

Typhoon Meranti is wreaking havoc in southeast China. Typhoon Malakas is hitting northern Taiwan and may spin off to the 

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More mayhem. A deranged Muslim sympathizer goes on a stabbing rampage in a Minnesota mall. The slasher yells, “Allahu Akbar (God is Great!)!” as he stabs the victims. An off-duty police officer shoots the deranged man dead. It is great that law-abiding citizens are allowed to carry concealed weapons and can step up to save lives. The stabbing victims survive.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

FRIDAY 9/16/16; DB (Deutsche Bank) Crashes -10%; Italian Banks Collapse; German Bund Yield Turns Negative; EU Summit; OpEx Quadruple Witching; CPI (Consumer Price Index); Consumer Sentiment; MIB Mini-Crashes -2.4%; US Stocks Selloff; European Indexes Collapse this Week; AAPL (Apple) Carries US Major Indexes Higher this Week

Today is the peak in the Harvest moon at 3:07 PM EST and also a prenumbral eclipse. The full moon will appear very bright with the

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Apple is the standout this week with AAPL gaining +11.4% driving the Dow Industrials and Nasdaq indexes higher. Apple creates nearly 90 points of gains in the Dow Jones Industrials during the week and accounts for about 7 of the 11 points of gains in the S&P 500. The stock market rally occurs this week in the States due to Apple iPhone 7 joy. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

THURSDAY 9/15/16; BOE Policy Decision; PPI (Producer Price Index); Retail Sales; Philly Fed Survey; Empire State Mfg Survey; Industrial Production; Business Inventories; US Stocks Rally; AAPL +3%; ORCL

US futures are marginally higher. S&P +3. Dow +23. Nasdaq +5. Markets are closed for  holidays in China, Taiwan and South Korea. Taiwan is smacked by Typhoon Meranti that kills one person and 

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After the closing bell, ORCL drops -2% after missing on the top and bottom lines on earnings. The lackluster Oracle results may dampen the mood in tech stocks tomorrow. SANW sows the seeds of victory gaining +3% after earnings.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

WEDNESDAY 9/14/16; European Commission President Juncker Speaks; Import/Export Prices; Oil Tanks -3%; Copper Rallies +3%

US futures are marginally higher. S&P +2. Dow +14. Nasdaq +3. Aussie and Asia index futures are pointing lower heading towards the 

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The US Census Bureau reports that median household income has increased +5.2% in 2015 to $56,516. This is the largest increase in 50 years. The percentage of Americans living in poverty decrease. The report paints a rosy picture and is the best economic news that President Obama has received in a long time.

Monday, September 12, 2016

TUESDAY 9/13/16; China Economic Data; IEA Says Oil Glut Continues; US Stocks Selloff; 30-Year Bond Auction

Euro 1.1239. Dollar/yen 101.87. Pound 1.3337. Aussie dollar 0.7564. WTIC oil 46.07. Brent oil 48.32. Natty gas 2.90. Gold 1329. Silver 19.21. Copper 2.1030.

US futures are negative. S&P -3. Dow -24. Nasdaq -5. Australia is setting up for a strong start but the Nikkei Index futures point to a flat open.

Treasury yields are; 2-year 0.77%, 5-year 1.20%, 10-year 1.66%, 30-year 2.39%.

China Industrial Production is up +6.3% year-on-year versus the +6.2% expected. Retail Sales are 

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API Oil Inventories are a 1.4 million barrel build less than the 4 million expected. Last week was the huge withdraw due to Hurricane Hermine. Tankers could not dock to unload so inventories had to be drawn down. A big build was expected this week but it did not occur. Oil prices will rise. WTIC oil moves higher to 45.15.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

MONDAY 9/12/16; Clinton Has Pneumonia; Japan Economic Data; Cascading Global Selloff; Fed Speak; INDU (Dow Industrials) Print Under 18K; 3 and 10-Year Note Auctions; US Stocks Recover; “Brainard Rally” Reverses “Rosengren Selloff”; Natty Gas +4%; UNFI

US  futures begin trading Sunday evening (morning in Australia and Asia) in the States on the negative side. Wall Street is more favorable to 

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President Obama kneels before Iran over the last couple years giving the terrorist nation over $1 billion in cash. Relations with the fanatical nation have not improved. Iran’s aggression increases. Foreign leaders, especially in the Middle East, only understand force, power and strength. Few global leaders respect President Obama due to his milk toast, meek and docile foreign policy. This approach is viewed as weak so foreign nations use the US as a doormat.

SUNDAY 9/11/16; Patriot Day; 15-Year Anniversary of 9-11 Terrorist Attack; Hillary Clinton Collapses and is Diagnosed with Pneumonia

Today is Patriot Day the anniversary of  the 9-11 terrorist attack when nearly 3,000 Americans died at the hands of radical Muslim terrorists. 

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 news reports say Hillary Clinton is diagnosed with pneumonia and now on antibiotics. Pneumonia is a very serious illness for anyone near 70 years old and older. The first presidential debate is on 9/26/16 only two weeks away. The 11/8/16 presidential election is only 58 days away.

Friday, September 9, 2016

SATURDAY 9/10/16; Syria War Cease Fire

SPX 2128. INDU 18085. COMPOQ 5126. RUT 1219. NIKK 16966. SPASX200 5339. KOSPI 2038. SSEC 3079. HSI 24100. BSE 28797. DAX 10573. CAC 4491. FTSE 6777. MIB 17156. IBEX 9026. PSI 4698.

Global leaders are condemning North Korea for its huge nuclear 

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Both of the main candidates this year are mired in scandals. Trump is under scrutiny for his pay-for-play scheme in Florida where it appears his companies received favorable treatment for donating money to the attorney general. Clinton’s scandals are even larger. The Clinton Foundation is a crony slush fund where foreign leaders donate money so they can gain access to the Clinton’s which would then promote that person’s agenda.

America grows more corrupt each day and begins to look like a third-world banana republic. Why would anyone vote for a demopublican or republocrat? The two parties have destroyed the country over the last four decades.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

FRIDAY 9/9/16; BOK Policy Decision; China CPI and PPI Inflation Data; Fed Speak; Central Banker Credibility in Question; Global Bond Selloff (Higher Yields); German 10-Year Bund Yield Above 0%; KR; European and US Stocks Collapse; "Rosengren Selloff"

Euro 1.1263. Dollar/yen 102.41. Pound 1.3293. WTIC 47.29. Brent 49.99. Natural gas 2.80. Gold 1342. Silver 19.69. Copper 2.10.

US Treasury  yields are; 2-year 0.77%, 5-year 1.18%, 10-year 1.60%, 30-year 2.31%. German bund -0.055%. Japan 10-year yield -0.038%.

Asian indexes are soggy in 

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 beats the drum for infrastructure spending. Fed members are becoming more political when in prior years the institution avoided commenting on such matters especially before a presidential election. The FOMC loses credibility and independence with each political comment.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

THURSDAY 9/8/16; DAX (Germany) Briefly Turns Positive for 2016; Spain 10-Year Yield Record Low; ECB Rate Decision and President Draghi Press Conference; BKS; CONN; NAV; Oil and Natty Rally +5%; Consumer Credit; RH; ZUMZ

In early trading, the NIKK is down -0.2%, ASX 200 loses -1% and KOSPI is up +0.4%. Aussie energy stocks are smacked lower. Ditto materials stocks. Euro 1.1248. Dollar/yen 101.73. Pound 1.3347. Aussie dollar 0.7678. The Asia session may trade quietly ahead of the 

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America has become very crooked in recent years and deteriorates into a pseudo-free market crony capitalism system that only benefits the top elite class of 5 to 6 million wealthy folks. Much of this blame rests with the Federal Reserve and their obscene Keynesian money-printing policies. The Washington beltway crowd, democrat and republican politicians, their lawyers and lobbyists, and the media that provide free passes for the politico’s, form an un-Holy alliance and are in a relationship so obscene and incestuous that it would make Caligula blush.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

WEDNESDAY 9/7/16; FRAN; VAL; BOE Governor Carney Speaks; ECB Policy Decision Eve; COMPQ (Nasdaq Composite) and NDX (Nasdaq 100) New All-Time Highs; RUT (Russell 2000) New 2016 High; JOLTS (Job Openings Report); AAPL (Apple) New Product Event; Beige Book; HPE; VRNT

US futures are flat as Aussie and Asian traders rise to meet the new trading day. S&P +1. Dow +7. Nasdaq +3.

Euro 1.1244. Dollar/yen 102.01. The dollar/yen pair takes a 

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API Oil Inventories are a big draw down of 12.1 million barrels when a slight build was expected. The data is a surprise. Oil prices jump higher with WTIC running towards 46. 

Monday, September 5, 2016

TUESDAY 9/6/16; RBA Policy Decision; MRVL; ISM Non-Mfg Index; COMPQ (Nasdaq Composite) All-Time Record High; RUT (Russell 2000) New 2016 High; CASY; PLAY; TIVO; US Presidential Politics

US futures are flat. S&P -1. Dow -7. Nasdaq -5. US markets will resume trading today after yesterday’s Labor Day holiday. The big event this week is the 

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 says the economy is in good shape and he wants a rate hike sooner rather than later. Williams says the economy is heading in the right direction despite recent soft economic data.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

MONDAY 9/5/16; Labor Day; Global PMI Services Index; Oil Rallies +5%; G-20 Summit

US markets are closed for the Labor Day holiday. US stocks will resume trading tomorrow. Canada trading is also closed.

China’s Caixin PMI Services Index increases to 

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 finish the session lower. The DAX drops -0.1% to 10672. The CAC is flat at 4541. The FTSE drops -0.2% to 6879. The MIB ends flat at 17190. The IBEX gains +0.5% to 8953. The PSI is up +0.4% to 4779.

SUNDAY 9/4/16; G-20 Summit

Day two of the G-20 Summit occurs in China. President Obama and 

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Global 10-year yields are; Portugal 3.01%, US 1.61%, Italy 1.17%, Spain 1.02%, UK 0.72%, France 0.19%, Netherlands 0.06%, Japan -0.04%, Germany -0.05%, Switzerland -0.50%. Global yields move higher over the last week. The UK gilt is about 20 basis points higher from the 0.50’s a week ago.

August Publication of Daily Chronloogy of Global Markets and World Economics 2016-08 is Available from Amazon; New All-Time Highs in the Major Indexes

The August publication of Daily Chronology of Global Markets and World Economics 2016-08 is available through Amazon (AMZN). The epic market action continues.

August's headline balloons on the cover of this month's publication are;

SPX 2194, INDU 18723, COMPQ 5276 and NDX 4838 All-Time Record Highs
Global Yields Fall
Brazil Olympics
BOE Stimulus
European Bank Stress Tests
Jackson Hole
Dollar/Yen 99-Handle

After the Brexit drama in late June, the BOE stepped in promising huge stimulus as well as reducing banking regulations which creates a strong recovery rally in stock markets. Central bankers such as the BOE, Fed, ECB, BOJ and PBOC keep pumping stocks higher. The ECB is on tap this week on 9/8/16 to pump stocks with more easy money. The chronology explains how the central bankers are the marketGlobal yields print new record lows led to the negative side by Switzerland, Japan and Germany.

The Italian banks remain very sick and investment bankers, central bankers and politicians meet daily to figure a way to recapitalize the garbage. The sick European banks may create global contagionDB (Deutsche Bank) remains ill and may take the entire financial system down. Despite the market turmoil, US markets print new all-time record highs.

The chronology describes the reactions to economic data such as the Monthly Jobs Reports in real-time. There is no other document available on the world wide web that records the action in real-time with common sense easy-to-understand detail. Inflation, that the Federal Reserve has tried to create for seven years with their obscene Keynesian programs, cannot exist without wage inflation occurring so each jobs report is very important. Wages remain flat as a newlywed's souffle.

The chronology explains the reaction in stocks, bonds and currencies to key events and economic data releases. If you are trying to make sense of the markets this is the resource for you. No other publication exists in this format where the stock, bond and currency moves are provided and explained as world events take place in real-time.

The chronology records economic history preventing revisionist tampering in future years. Many of the same asset managers telling everyone to go long the market in 2007-2008 repeat the same mantra in 2015-2016. The stock market topped out in May 2015 which placed anyone that listened to television pundits over the last couple years either flat or underwater on their long trades, however, the central banker go juice has pumped stocks higher from February to August to new all-time highs rewarding those that blindly remain long with full confidence in the Federal Reserve.

Analyst and strategist quotes and words are recorded in the chronology so credit or disdain can be handed out in the future. If a multi-year top is printing, the chronology serves as the most accurate accounting of the stock market topping process ever recorded in economic and market historyThe chronology is the most reliable and easy to understand source for explaining global marketsThe chronology is very easy to read and avoids using fancy ten-dollar college words.

As always, all monthly publications of the Daily Chronology of Global Markets and World Economics are available from the links in the margins or simply searching on Amazon or Google. The monthly publication contains updated information not posted on this web site as well as clarifications, edits and refinements to the ongoing daily blog text.

We are living through historic stock market and economic times. The daily chronology is the most accurate accounting on how the stock market tops and bottoms occur in real-time. The monthly publications are compatible with any electronic device and include an extensive Business Acronym List and Ticker Symbol List. The Acronym List is the most comprehensive business-related acronym list available on the internet. The chronology is not available in hard copy and only distributed around the world electronically.

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Saturday, September 3, 2016

SATURDAY 9/3/16; G-20 Summit

SPX 2180. INDU 18492. COMPQ 5250. RUT 1252. NIKK 16926. SPASX200 5373. KOSPI 2038. SSEC 3068. HSI 23267. BSE 28532. DAX 10684. CAC 4542. FTSE 6895. MIB 17184. IBEX 8909. PSI 4763.

Philippines is hit with terrorism. A blast kills 

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storm Hermine moves up the East Coast and is expected to stall creating a few days of rain and winds from the Carolina’s up through New Jersey. Winds are sustained at 65 MPH (105 KPH). The Labor Day tourism on the East Coast is crushed this weekend.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

FRIDAY 9/2/16; US Monthly Jobs Report; Factory Orders; CAC and FTSE Rally Over +2%; Oil Rallies Over +3%

US futures are flat. S&P +1. Dow +5. Nasdaq +2. Euro 1.1196. Dollar/yen 103.22. Pound 1.3272. WTIC oil 43.52. Brent oil 45.79. Natural gas 2.80. Gold 1318. Silver 18.99. Copper 2.0795.

[Text is Redacted: Purchase September 2016-09 to Read the Complete Chronology]

The debates are set up where four democrat-leaning commentators will control the first three events. The questions will likely favor Hillary Clinton’s and democratic perspectives while being abrasive to Trump and possibly Johnson if he qualifies for the debates. The republican-leaning perspective brings up the rear in late October so that final debate will be more friendly to Trump than Clinton. Politics and the media are a filthy game played by the corrupt demopublican and republocrat participants. The democrats and republicans have destroyed the country over the last 40 years. Who would vote for either party?