Sunday, September 11, 2016

MONDAY 9/12/16; Clinton Has Pneumonia; Japan Economic Data; Cascading Global Selloff; Fed Speak; INDU (Dow Industrials) Print Under 18K; 3 and 10-Year Note Auctions; US Stocks Recover; “Brainard Rally” Reverses “Rosengren Selloff”; Natty Gas +4%; UNFI

US  futures begin trading Sunday evening (morning in Australia and Asia) in the States on the negative side. Wall Street is more favorable to 

[Text is Redacted: Purchase September 2016-09 to Read the Complete Chronology]

President Obama kneels before Iran over the last couple years giving the terrorist nation over $1 billion in cash. Relations with the fanatical nation have not improved. Iran’s aggression increases. Foreign leaders, especially in the Middle East, only understand force, power and strength. Few global leaders respect President Obama due to his milk toast, meek and docile foreign policy. This approach is viewed as weak so foreign nations use the US as a doormat.

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