Thursday, September 1, 2016

FRIDAY 9/2/16; US Monthly Jobs Report; Factory Orders; CAC and FTSE Rally Over +2%; Oil Rallies Over +3%

US futures are flat. S&P +1. Dow +5. Nasdaq +2. Euro 1.1196. Dollar/yen 103.22. Pound 1.3272. WTIC oil 43.52. Brent oil 45.79. Natural gas 2.80. Gold 1318. Silver 18.99. Copper 2.0795.

[Text is Redacted: Purchase September 2016-09 to Read the Complete Chronology]

The debates are set up where four democrat-leaning commentators will control the first three events. The questions will likely favor Hillary Clinton’s and democratic perspectives while being abrasive to Trump and possibly Johnson if he qualifies for the debates. The republican-leaning perspective brings up the rear in late October so that final debate will be more friendly to Trump than Clinton. Politics and the media are a filthy game played by the corrupt demopublican and republocrat participants. The democrats and republicans have destroyed the country over the last 40 years. Who would vote for either party?

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