Wednesday, February 10, 2016

THURSDAY 2/11/16; Dollar/Yen 111-Handle; US 2-10 Yield Spread Under 100 Bips; WTIC Oil Under 27; Sweden’s Riksbank Cuts Rates; European Stocks Crash; MIB (Italy) -5.6%; IBEX (Spain) and PSI (Portugal) -5%; CoCo Bond Turmoil; AAP; AVP; BG; FLIR; HUN; K; LPX; MWW; NILE; PEP; TAP; RAI; VG; WWAV; MOS; US Stocks Selloff; Fed Chair Yellen Speaks; 30-Year Bond Auction; AIG; CBS; CYBR; FEYE; GRPN; KN; P; QLIK; TRIP; US Presidential Politics

Asian indexes are off to a soft start. The ASX 200 begins

[Text is Redacted: Purchase February 2016-02 to Read the Complete Chronology]

major battle expected between Trump, Cruz and Rubio. One of these three will likely become the republican nominee for POTUS. Clinton will likely receive the nod for the nomination on the democratic side in March despite Sanders winning the first two contests.

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