Tuesday, March 15, 2016

WEDNESDAY 3/16/16; US Primary Election Aftermath; CPI (Consumer Price Index); Housing Starts; BTU Goes Bankrupt; Oil Rallies +6%; FOMC Rate Decision, Forecasts and Chair Yellen’s Press Conference; US Stocks Rally; Gold Rallies; FDX; GES; MLHR

Euro 1.1107. Dollar/yen 113.14. Pound 1.4151. WTIC oil 36.94. Brent oil 38.74. Natural gas 1.85. Gold 1233. Silver 15.29. Copper 2.235.

[Text is Redacted: Purchase March 2016-03 to Read the Complete Chronology]

Like Nero in ancient Rome, President Obama fiddles while the world burns. No wonder voters are seeking Washington beltway outsiders for the next US presidency such as Trump or Cruz. The stink and stench of the current democrat and republican Washington cartel is overwhelming as the politicians ruin the country.

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