Saturday, October 29, 2016

FRIDAY 10/28/16; CVX; XOM; HUN; MA; ABBV; AN; COG; GT; MYL; NWL; RCL; SWC; WY; XRX; US Q3 GDP (Gross Domestic Product); Consumer Sentiment; FBI Reopens Clinton Email Investigation; Housing and Biotech Stocks Collapse this Week

Euro 1.0896. The dollar/yen moves above 105 to 105.19 reflecting a weaker yen that will boost the NIKK today. Pound 1.2172. USD 98.40. WTIC oil 49.60. Brent oil 50.33. Natural gas 2.78. Gold 1969. Silver 17.62. Copper 2.164.

Treasury yields are

[Text is redacted. Purchase the 2016-10 chronology to enjoy October's economic and market history.]

previously praised Comey when he let Clinton off the hook from criminal prosecution in July but now the same folks are calling Comey a scoundrel. The circus continues with juggler Clinton and clown Trump the main attractions.

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