Tuesday, December 13, 2016

WEDNESDAY 12/14/16; Moody’s Cuts Outlook on Italian Banks; JOY; PPI (Producer Price Index); Retail Sales; Industrial Production; Business Inventories; FOMC Rate Decision, Forecasts and Chair Yellen Press Conference; INDU (Dow Industrials) New All-Time Record High; Treasury Yields Jump Higher; 2-Year Yield 1.27%; 5-Year Yield Above 2%; Three Rate Hikes Next Year; US Dollar Index Above 102; Stocks Selloff; PIR

Like a made-for-tv-movie reaching its climax, the markets are reaching a crescendo today with the Dow Industrials on the verge of 

[Text is redacted. Purchase the 2016-12 chronology to enjoy December's economic and market history.]

 CEO Marissa Mayer’s legacy at Yahoo.

Treasury yields are; 2-year 1.27%, 5-year 2.04%, 10-year 2.57%, 30-year 3.18%. The 2-10 spread is 130 bips.

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