Monday, February 27, 2017

TUESDAY 2/28/17; EOM (End-of-Month); TGT; AZO; DDD; DPZ; GLNG; IPI; NRG; SEAS; Q4 GDP (Gross Domestic Product); Chicago PMI; Consumer Confidence; Fed Speak; CBI; ETSY; PANW; SDRL; TASR; UHS; WTW; Fed's Dudley Hawkish on Yields; President Trump Addresses Congress

Australia and Asia stocks begin trading higher following the lead from the States. ASX 200 +0.5%. Aussie energy stocks lead higher. NIKK +0.8%. Topix +0.8%. Japanese carmakers lead the upside in the 

[Text is redacted. Purchase the 2017-02 chronology to enjoy February's economic and market history including new all-time highs in the stock market.]

President Trump addresses Congress and the nation in a primetime speech at 9 PM EST (2 AM London; 3 AM Frankfurt; 11 AM Tokyo). Market participants have been waiting for details on the president’s plans and his words will move markets. President Trump repeats the same themes without providing specifics but he appears very presidential. The speech is described as the Asia session continues where it is already Wednesday.

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