Thursday, November 26, 2015

FRIDAY 11/27/15; Japan Mired in Deflation; SSEC Crashes -6%; German 2-Year Record Negative Yield -0.43%; Currency Wars Send Swiss Franc to 5-Year Low Against US Dollar; Black Friday Begins US Holiday Shopping Season; FB, NFLX, GOOGL, MSFT, AMZN, NKE, GE, SBUX, DIS, REGN, RTN, NOC and LMT at All-Time Record Highs

Japan core inflation is -0.1% 

[Text is Redacted: Purchase November 2015-11 to Read the Complete Chronology]

Many would-be shoppers choose to stay home and order items online. Icy rain hits the Midwest discouraging shoppers. A mental nutcase in Colorado murders three people and injures nine others at a Planned Parenthood facility near a strip mall which dampens the shopping mood. The protests in Chicago and at several WMT stores do not encourage folks to leave the house for the mall.

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