Sunday, April 3, 2016

March Publication of Daily Chronology of Global Markets and World Economics 2016-03 is Available from Amazon; US Presidential Primary Election Drama Continues; Brussels Terror Attack; ECB and Fed Central Bankers Pump Stocks Higher

The March publication of the Daily Chronology of Global Markets and World Economics 2016-03 is available through Amazon (AMZN). The epic market action continues. The global stock markets begin the year by crashing and collapsing into 2/11/16. The prior monthly chronologies explain the huge crash from late December into mid-February. Then, as everyone was convinced that the stock market would go into free fall and sentiment was extremely negative, the bottom occurs and stocks rally from mid-February through March into early April.

Italian, Spanish and Portuguese banks are a major problem in 2016 but the concerns temporary subside allowing for a recovery in global stocks. The Brussels Airport terrorism is explained as it unfolds in real-time and the reactions in stock, futures, options, currency and bond markets are highlighted.

The US POTUS primary elections continue with Clinton the likely democrat nominee although Sanders has a huge following and is gaining momentum. Clinton may be undone by the ongoing email scandal. On the republican side, Trump and Cruz are battling for the nomination. The general election to elect the next US president is 11/8/16.

The ECB decision on 3/10/16 pumps global stocks higher, then the FOMC meeting on 3/16/16 creates more central banker easy money pumping. The central bankers are in bed with the wealthy, that hold large stock portfolios, creating strong moves in stocks so they all can benefit financially. Once they retire, Fed members are rewarded for their loyalty to the investment banks with lucrative speaking engagements which are essentially token appearances at luncheons. The central bankers keep the upside six-week stock market rally alive. The chronology explains how the central bankers are the market.

The chronology describes the reaction from the Monthly Jobs Reports in real-time. There is no other document available on the world wide web that records the action in such detail. Inflation, that the Federal Reserve has tried to create for seven years with their obscene Keynesian programs, cannot exist without wage inflation occurring so each jobs report is very important.

The chronology explains the reaction in stocks, bonds and currencies to key events and economic data releases. If you are trying to make sense of the markets this is the resource for you. No other publication exists in this format where the stock, bond and currency moves are provided and explained as world events take place in real-time.

The chronology records economic history preventing revisionist tampering in future years. Many of the same asset managers telling everyone to go long the market in 2007-2008 repeated the same mantra through 2015. The stock market topped in May 2015 placing anyone that listened to television pundits over the last couple years underwater on their long trades and losing money.

Analyst and strategist quotes and words are recorded in the chronology so credit or disdain can be handed out in the future. If a multi-year top has printed, the chronology serves as the most accurate accounting of the stock market topping process ever recorded in historyThe chronology is the most reliable and easy to understand source for explaining global marketsThe chronology is very easy to read and avoids using fancy ten-dollar college words.

As always, all monthly publications of the Daily Chronology of Global Markets and World Economics are available from the links in the margins or simply searching on Amazon or Google. The monthly publication contains updated information not posted on this web site as well as clarifications and refinements to the ongoing daily blog text.

We are living through historic stock market and economic times. The daily chronology is the most accurate accounting on how the stock market tops and bottoms occur in real-time. The monthly publications are compatible with any electronic device and include an extensive Business Acronym List and Ticker Symbol List. The Acronym List is the most comprehensive business-related acronym list available on the internet. The chronology is not available in hard copy and only distributed around the world electronically.

Download this valuable resource today. Remember to support the KE Stone Series of blogs (Keystone the Scribe, The Keystone Speculator and Keybot the Quant) through donations, the daily chronology book sales and honoring advertisers that support the original free content provided in the blogs. The blog proceeds aid charities.

The free blog content is posted in proportion to the advertising, book and donation income received. Thus, you folks working at the large money-center banks around the world need to open your wallet to maintain a steady flow of unique information on trading and markets not available elsewhere.

The KE Stone Series of blogs are viewed by 100's of thousands of people around the globe each month including money managers, investors, students, traders, historians, economists, teachers, current event enthusiasts, hedge fund managers, political junkies and folks that truly want to understand how the world's economic systems and markets function.

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