Wednesday, April 27, 2016

THURSDAY 4/28/16; Fed Aftermath; Japan CPI (Consumer Price Inflation); BOJ Policy Decision; NIKK Mini-Crash -3.6%; AET, APD; MO; BZH; CLF; CL; COP; CY; DPZ; DNKN; DOW; F; HUN; LVLT; MA; MPC; NOV; PF; RTN; UPS; VIAB; VA; GDP (Gross Domestic Product); WTIC Oil 46-Handle; Brent Oil 48-Handle; "Icahn Top"; AMZN; AMGN; ADP; BIDU; GERN; GILD; LNKD; MOH; P; SWKS; WDC; YRCW

The RBNZ leaves the cash rate 

[Text is Redacted: Purchase April 2016-04 to Read the Complete Chronology]

Treasury yields are; 2-year 0.7895%, 5-year 1.29%, 10-year 1.82%, 30-year 2.68%. The 2-10 spread is 103 bips. German bund 0.253%. Japan 10-year yield -0.078%.

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