Thursday, July 13, 2017

FRIDAY 7/14/17; Global Markets at Record Highs; Japan Industrial Production; US Bank Q2 Earnings Season Begins; C; JPM; WFC; PNC; INFY; CPI (Consumer Price Index); Retail Sales; Industrial Production; Business Inventories; Consumer Sentiment; SPX (S&P 500), INDU (Dow), TRAN (Dow Transports), RUT (Russell 2000) and NYA (NYSE Composite) New All-Time Record Highs

Global stock markets continue printing at or near record highs as the world’s central bankers maintain accommodative monetary policies. India’s BSE Sensex is trading above 32K. South Korea’s KOSPI keeps printing new records. The EEM Emerging Markets ETF is printing at multi-year highs. US stock markets are led higher by the Dow Jones Industrials and Dow Jones Transports printing new all-time highs providing Dow Theory confirmations forecasting far more upside ahead.

The seven major indexes in the United States have all printed record all-time highs and record all-time closing highs across the board during June and July as follows. The S&P 500 (SPX) all-time high is 2453.82 and all-time closing high is 2453.46 both printing on 6/19/17.

The Dow Jones Industrials (Dow; INDU; DJI; the Dirty Thirty; the blue chips) all-time high is 

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Later in the evening, a couple other people are identified as attending the Donald Trump, Jr, meeting one is reportedly a Russia intelligence agent. Don Jr will have to change his story again.

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