Saturday, July 8, 2017

SATURDAY 7/8/17; G20 Summit

SPX 2425. INDU 21414. COMPQ 6153. RUT 1416. NIKK 19929. SPASX200 5704. KOSPI 2380. SSEC 3218. HSI 25341. BSE 31361. DAX 12389. CAC 5145. FTSE 7351. MIB 21015. IBEX 10489. PSI 5154.

At 4 AM EST (10 AM Hamburg, Germany), the G20 meetings continue with leaders speaking about programs to increase women entrepreneurship around the world. President Trump provides comments and praises Canadian PM Trudeau and German Chancellor Merkel.

Thousands of police are trying to handle the ongoing social unrest in Hamburg during the G20. Fires are burning non-stop. Shop windows are broken and stores looted. There are 213 police officers injured over the last three days. Black smoke rises over Hamburg.

Two United States bomber airplanes and several military jets fly along the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. Japanese and South Korean military jets join the parade in the sky. The bombers drop dummy bombs on ground targets. The show of force sends a message to tin-pot dictator Kim Jong-un that he needs to cease his aggression in the area but if he chooses to escalate matters, North Korea will be hit with the full force of the West’s military. Tensions increase in the Pacific theater.

In the US, there are 39 serious wildfires burning in 11 states. Business and commerce is impacted in the western states including California, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada. The hot summer sun and lack of rain is exacerbating the situation. Phoenix, Arizona, hits 118 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday (48 C) setting a 110-year record high temperature. Several deaths are blamed on the heat. Los Angeles, California, hits 98 F (37 C) a temperature not seen in 131 years.

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