Monday, December 28, 2015

TUESDAY 12/29/15; Treasury Yield Curve Flattens; International Trade; Consumer Confidence; 5-Year Note Auction; Natural Gas Rallies Another +5%; Cascading Global Stock Market Rally

US futures are flat. Euro 1.0977. Dollar/yen 120.27. Pound 1.4891. Aussie dollar 0.7261. Dollar/yuan 6.4873.

Asian indexes begin the Tuesday session 

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collapses to 0.54 indicating uber complacency. The CPC is down to 0.82. The low put/call ratios signals a lack of fear that stocks will sell off. Traders are relaxed and complacent expecting the rally to continue. Instead, the low put/calls signal that a near-term market top is on tap any day forward and stocks should sell off. The stock market is moving choppy sideways.

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