Tuesday, December 15, 2015

WEDNESDAY 12/16/15; Asia Stocks Rally; European and US PMI’s; JOY; Housing Starts; Industrial Production; US 2-Year Yield Tags 1.00%; FOMC Two-Day Meeting Ends with Historic Rate Decision, Fed Forecasts and Chair Yellen Press Conference; ZIRP Ends; Fed Hikes 25 Bips; US Stocks Rally; FDX; MLHR; PIR; JBL; ORCL

Trading in Asia is underway with green screens across the 

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 IMF did not want the Fed to raise rates but releases a statement in general support of the FOMC’s decision. The IMF says the Federal Rate hike is reflective of a strong US economy. The IMF says the Fed expects to reach its +2% inflation goal.

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