Wednesday, June 15, 2016

THURSDAY 6/16/16; FOMC Decision Aftermath; Global Record Low Yields Continue; BOJ Policy Decision; Dollar/Yen 103-Handle; NIKK Mini-Crashes -3.1%; SNB Policy Decision; DB (Deutsche Bank) and CS (Credit Suisse) All-Time Record Lows; BOE Policy Decision; RAD; KR; CPI (Consumer Price Index); Philly Fed; WTIC Oil 46-Handle; UK Gilt Record Low Yield 1.068%; German Bund Record Low Yield -0.03%; UK MP Jo Cox Murdered; ORCL; FNSR; SWHC

Euro 1.1261. Dollar/yen 105.97. Pound 1.4205. USD 94.60. WTIC oil 47.50. Brent oil 48.60. Natural gas 2.594. Gold 1296. Silver 17.555. Copper 2.09.

Treasury yields are; 2-year 0.6696%, 5-year 1.07%, 10-year 1.57%, 30-year 2.41%. German bund -0.14%. Japan 10-year yield -0.20%.

The NIKK is trading down -1.1% with the 

[Text is Redacted: Purchase June 2016-06 to Read the Complete Chronology]

UK MP Jo Cox is murdered today in a gun-free zone. Technology and 3-D printers enable criminals to manufacture guns. Pistols have already been placed on small drones and the guns can be fired remotely. The UK and other nations and cities that impose anti-gun policies are in for a rude wakening. If guns are outlawed, only the outlaws have guns. As criminals manufacture homemade guns, people in London, Paris and other cities with strict anti-gun laws, will only serve as sitting ducks and target practice for sick murderous individuals.

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