Thursday, March 9, 2017

FRIDAY 3/10/17; South Korea President Park Ousted; HIBB; MTN; US Monthly Jobs Report; Oil Crashes -9% This Week

Australia’s ASX 200 rallies +0.3% out of the gate. The Asia and European sessions may trade quietly ahead of the 

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 concerned about all the ongoing leaks of information from the government and thought it was best to simply clean house. Several of these attorneys are moles releasing negative information that hurts the Trump presidency. The State Department is another source of leaks so the ax may fall there in the days ahead.

The US is growing into a very distrustful society since the beltway demopublicans and republocrats continually play dishonest baby games rather than attending to the people’s business. The politicians are power and money-hungry charlatans that defend America’s crony capitalism system since they are the beneficiaries.

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