Saturday, March 11, 2017

SATURDAY 3/11/17

SPX 2373. INDU 20903. COMPQ 5862. RUT 1365. NIKK 19605. SPASX200 5776. KOSPI 2097. SSEC 3212. HSI 23569. BSE 28946. DAX 11963. CAC 4993. FTSE 7343. MIB 19658. IBEX 1006. PSI 4626.

[Text is redacted. Purchase the 2017-03 chronology to enjoy March's economic and market history including new all-time highs in the stock market.]

 commentators remain universally bullish telling folks to invest in stocks. When asked about buying the SPY spiders ETF, which mimics the performance of the S&P 500, at all-time record highs, television celebrity Ben Stein says, “Keep buying! Keep buying until you die!”

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