Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Quarterly Reminder

It is time for the Quarterly Reminder;

The KE Stone family of blogs includes Keybot the Quant, The Keystone Speculator and Keystone the Scribe. The blogs only continue with the support of the tens of thousands of daily international users. Blog content is posted according to the amount of support received from the hundreds of thousands of views each month. The handy donation link is provided in the right margin.

The ad-blocking software that blocks the ad-blocking software that some of the users employ is helping since Google Analytics is now recognizing the daily views again. Anyone using ad-blocking software must realize that you are destroying the free content provided on the internet. The ads in the margins are very benign and do not bother anyone; there is no flashing animation or irritating sounds from the ads. For those using ad-blocking software, simply go into the menu and list the three sites above as acceptable sites. This act will help ensure that the blogs receive the credit they are due from Google Analytics and the popular financial, stock trading and technical analysis information you find here daily will continue.

It is desired to receive much broader participation by daily users for this quarter. Any amount of support is helpful. Simply turn over your couch cushions or better yet, go to the lobby of your office and search under those sofa cushions and send  that loose change along.

The overall support for the websites will be assessed over the next couple weeks. If the blogs do not receive broad support and participation, they will end or at least go on hiatus for a while again. It is all up to you especially you cheapskates at the large investment banks that monitor the KE Stone blogs each day. Let some moths out of those wallets.

Many emails from daily users are constantly requesting that the blog sites turn into a subscription-based service but there is no interest in that direction. The sites either remain available to the general public or they will disappear.

If anyone wants to receive a technical analysis opinion on any stock ticker or index, write the symbol/s in on the donation form or in an email and the monthly, weekly and daily charts and analysis can be posted on The Keystone Speculator site.

Site proceeds go to charities. Keystone is helping an all-volunteer thrift shop in a nearby town, a very poor and destitute area that provides clothes and other household products to help the disadvantaged. It is important that the folks of modest means can purchase items, albeit at very inexpensive prices, to maintain their self-esteem and self-worth as they keep trying to make a better life for themselves.

Go through your closets and drawers and donate old clothes and other items to the local thrift shops. Gather all the canned goods in your pantry that you do not plan to eat and donate those items to local thrift shops or the local food bank in your area.

Remember, “You can’t take your money with you when you croak” and “money does not make you happy.” As you age, you realize that providing compassion to the disadvantaged and poor and helping those in need is what provides eternal riches.

Thank you all for your continued support for the KE Stone blogs.

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