Sunday, July 31, 2016

MONDAY 8/1/16; Global PMI’s; European Banks Weak After Stress Tests; GRA; DO; ISM Mfg Index; WTIC Oil 39-Handle; Brent Oil 41-Handle; US Begins Air Strikes Against ISIS Islamic Radicals in Libya; AMZN (Amazon) Overtakes XOM (Exxon) in Market Cap; CGNX; CTRP; RAIL; THC; TEX; VNO; WMB

The China PMI Mfg Indexes will set the tone in Asia trading as well as the dollar/yen currency pair reacting to Friday’s BOJ decision. US futures are 

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 are questioning if Trump really wants to win the presidency. Wall Street will like the news since they already have paid off Clinton with lucrative speaking fees; she will provide favorable treatment, a quid pro quo, to the investment bankers and the stock market.

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