Friday, July 8, 2016

SATURDAY 7/9/16; Racism Debate in America

SPX 2130 (one-point from a new all-time record closing high at 2131 and five points from a new all-time record  intraday high at 2135). INDU 18147 (above 18.1K). COMPQ 4957 (nearing 5K). RUT 1177. NIKK 15107. SPASX200 5231. KOSPI 1963. SSEC 2988 (the PBOC is trying to maintain 3K). HSI 20564. BSE 27127. DAX 9630. CAC 4191. FTSE 6591. MIB 16066. IBEX 8186. PSI 4456.

The UEFA Euro 2016 football (American soccer) championship continues in Europe. Portugal defeated Wales on 

[Text is Redacted: Purchase July 2016-07 to Read the Complete Chronology]

president is cutting the NATO meeting short. President Obama is stopping in Spain tomorrow and then will fly back to the States. The president plans to insert himself further into the race drama by visiting Dallas. Probably, just as things begin to calm down, his visit will likely stir up a nutcase or two to pursue violence against the police. No doubt the president will tout his anti-gun rhetoric every day for the next week. President Obama’s actions over the last few years have obviously done more to promote racial violence, ethnic mistrust and divide the country rather than unite the US. Race relations in America were far better 10 and 20 years ago and have seriously deteriorated in recent years.

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