Saturday, July 16, 2016

SUNDAY 7/17/16; Turkey Failed-Coup Aftermath

Global 10-year bond  yields are; Brazil 11.91%, Greece 7.64%, India 7.27%, Portugal 3.10%, Mexico 5.98%, New Zealand 2.32%, Australia 1.97%, Singapore 1.71%, US 1.55%, South Korea 1.37%, Italy 1.25%, Spain 1.22%, Canada 1.08%, Hong Kong 0.90%, UK 0.83%, France 0.23%, Netherlands 0.12%, Germany 0.0%, Japan -0.24%, Switzerland -0.61%.

[Text is Redacted: Purchase July 2016-07 to Read the Complete Chronology]

 the orange-headed carnival barker by a hair with the necessary electoral votes, however, the election is in November and lots of drama remains ahead. Americans dislikes both Clinton and Trump so voters are slowly giving Johnson a closer look. Many Americans are libertarian and do not realize it (fiscally conservative while socially liberal).

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