Thursday, August 11, 2016

FRIDAY 8/12/16; China Economic Data; JCP; Retail Sales; PPI; Business Inventories; Consumer Sentiment; COMPQ (Nasdaq Composite) All-Time Closing High

Euro 1.1133. Dollar/yen 101.85. Pound 1.2955. US dollar index 95.91. WTIC oil 43.59. Brent oil 45.96. Natural gas 2.531. Gold 1343. Silver 19.99. Copper 2.187.

Treasury yields are; 2-year 0.75%, 5-year 1.14%, 10-year 1.56%, 30-year 2.28%. German bund -0.086%. Japan 10-year yield -0.112%.

[Text is Redacted: Purchase August 2016-08 to Read the Complete Chronology]

Like Japan and Switzerland, the central banks in other nations may begin buying corporate debt, ETF’s and stocks. This is sick and obviously will not end well. For now, the band plays on and the Fed champagne is flowing like water. Traders are drunk as skunks, buying stocks with reckless abandon, intoxicated by the guarantee that central bankers will keep stock markets elevated forever. Be sure to have a chair available to sit on once the music stops playing.

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