Sunday, August 7, 2016

SUNDAY 8/7/16

In Belgium, another deranged Muslim goes berserk screaming “Allahu Akbar (God is Great)!” as he strikes two police officers with a machete. A third officer kills the Islamic radical. The two officers survive. The radical Muslims are following the Quran that dictates believers kill the infidel (Christians, Jews and anyone not willing to live by strict Sharia law) and they are using guns, knives, bombs, vehicles and any other means to carry out the sick scriptures. The new Holy War that has started and expands under President Obama’s watch, pitting Muslims against Christians and Jews, expands across the Middle East and around the world.

In Syria, a humanitarian crisis is occurring with 250K people in Aleppo cut off from 

[Text is Redacted: Purchase August 2016-08 to Read the Complete Chronology]

 Olympics continues in Brazil with initial television ratings showing lower interest than the prior Olympics. Two bags that have been left behind over the last two days by fans at different locations are detonated by the bomb squad but both contain harmless contents. Aunt Jane will have to do without her camera, Olympics program and binoculars.

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