Saturday, August 20, 2016

SATURDAY 8/20/16; Patel Named New RBI Governor; BOJ Governor Kuroda Proclaims Deeper Negative Rates Ahead

SPX 2184. INDU 18553. COMPQ 5238. RUT 1237. NIKK 16546. SPASX200 5527. KOSPI 2056. SSEC 3108. HSI 22937. BSE 28077. DAX 10544. CAC 4401. FTSE 6859. MIB 16310. IBEX 8451. PSI 4701.

Caterpillar axes over 150 employees at a Texas plant 

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no one is buying what Kuroda is selling and confidence and credibility in the BOJ will take another hit; a serious hit. All central bankers will be painted with the same brush. Once confidence is lost in central bankers, all is lost.

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