Tuesday, August 9, 2016

WEDNESDAY 8/10/16; BOE Bond-Buying Shortfall; Record Low Gilt Yields; Netherlands 10-Year Yield Goes Negative; KORS; RL; JD; PRGO; WEN; JOLTS (Job Openings Report); 10-Year Note Auction; SHAK

Asian indexes are trading flat to negative in a quiet session. Japan machinery orders (core) are up +8.3% well above the +3.1% expected. Machinery orders are up nearly +18% a robust number. Services gain over +2%. Traders scratch their bald heads over the encouraging data when the Japanese manufacturing sector obviously remains sick and weak.

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 easier to win with journalism friends running cover every day exalting the democratic candidate while ridiculing and denigrating the republican. The republicans are just as guilty of telling tall tales as the democrats only they do not control the daily press narrative like the democrats. The election is 11/8/16 only 89 days away and most Americans wish it was tomorrow so the drama and baby games can end.

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