Wednesday, August 24, 2016

THURSDAY 8/25/16; Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium; German IFO Data; BURL; GLNG; MDT; SAFM; TITN; MIK; Durable Goods; DG; DLTR; MIK; SHLD; SIG; TIF; ULTA; US Presidential Politics

Euro 1.126. Dollar/yen 100.43. Pound 1.3233. WTIC oil 46.80. Brent oil 49.07. Natural gas 2.79. Gold 1327. Silver 18.51. Copper 2.08.

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The US Navy fires three warning shots at fast-moving Iranian boats that are traveling too close to the destroyer in the Straits of Hormuz. After President Obama gave away the store to Iran for the nuclear agreement, they kick sand in America’s face. When you lay down in bed with criminals and terrorists, do not be surprised if you wake up with more problems.

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