Friday, November 4, 2016

FRIDAY 11/4/16; PMI Services Index; DUK; FE; HUM; ITT; KHC; MSG; RLGY; REGN; US Monthly Jobs Report; International Trade; Fed Speak Including Vice Chairman Fischer

S&P +1. Dow +3. Nasdaq -2. Euro 1.1103. Dollar/yen 102.95. Pound 1.2464. WTIC 44.75. Brent 46.35. Natty 2.81. Gold 1302. Silver 18.35. Copper 2.2445.

Treasury yields are; 

[Text is redacted. Purchase the 2016-11 chronology to enjoy November's economic and market history]

actually elects the president, shows a Clinton win. The news wires are quiet so far this evening without any new bombshells dropping from either candidate.

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