Saturday, November 26, 2016

SATURDAY 11/26/16; Cuba’s Fidel Castro Dead

Overnight, Cuba’s communist leader Fidel Castro, who was in poor health, passes at 90 years old. His brother Raul currently runs Cuba. In Miami, Florida, “Little Havana,” a few hundred people take to the streets celebrating the death of the communist dictator. One reveler shouts, “Good riddance!” Castro came to power in 1959 and was initially a 

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Hillary Clinton joins the Jill Stein movement to conduct presidential vote recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Clinton says it is only in the interest of guaranteeing accurate elections. President-elect Trump takes to Twitter calling the vote recount a stunt to bring in money for the democrat and green parties. In his first hint of reverting back to the old, non-presidential Donald Trump, he says the vote recount is a desperate move by the “badly defeated and demoralized Dems.” Those words will not gain him any friends or unify the country. Trump won so he should simply ignore the recount instead of posting negative tweets but his personality is simply not wired that way.

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