Wednesday, November 9, 2016

WEDNESDAY 11/9/16; Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States; Hillary Clinton Concedes; China Inflation Data; Global Stock Markets Selloff; NIKK (Japan) Crashes -5.4%; Gold Rallies; Mexican Peso Weakens; COTY; DISH; KERX; MYL; NCLH; WEN; Wholesale Trade; 10-Year Treasury Note Yield Above 2%; 10-Year Auction; US Stocks Rally; RUT (Russell 2000) Rallies Over +3%; TCS; JUNO; XONE; MNKD; SHAK

Euro 1.1004. Dollar/yen 105.13. Pound 1.2359. Canadian dollar 1.3297. USD 97.95.

[The epic market reaction to the Trump victory is explained in full detail, minute by minute, as the election results come in. Re-experience election night by purchasing 2016-11 today.]

[Text is redacted. Purchase the 2016-11 chronology to enjoy November's economic and market history.]

President Obama may pardon Hillary Clinton before President-Elect Donald Trump takes office on 1/20/17. Of course he will. Trump will likely pursue charges and perhaps jail time for the liar in the pantsuit therefore fellow democrat President Obama will step in and exonerate her from the email and other scandals. There are two sets of rules in America; one for the privileged elite class, the have’s, and the other for everyone else, the have not’s.

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