Tuesday, November 8, 2016

TUESDAY 11/8/16; United States Presidential Election Day; CVS; DHI; SEAS; US Stocks Rally; Natural Gas Crashes -7%; Copper Rallies; CXO; EXPD; TRIP; US Futures Crash as Election Results are Tallied; Asia Indexes Collapse; Gold Rallies; Day Ends with Trump Likely Next POTUS

Euro 1.1043. Dollar/yen 104.51. Pound 1.2393. Aussie dollar 0.7711. Dollar/yuan 6.7716. WTIC oil 44.90. Brent oil 46.15. Natural gas 2.83. Gold 1282. Silver 18.25. Copper 2.31.

Today is election day in the States always on the first Tuesday in November after the first Monday. Polls on the East Coast will open in 

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The US East Coast moves into early Wednesday morning without a president crowned as yet, however, Trump is in great shape to likely take the prize.

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