Monday, November 7, 2016

MONDAY 11/7/16; FBI Exonerates Clinton Creating Cascading Global Stock Market “FBI Rally”; CC; ON; DF; BID; MTRX; MGM; ROK; MIB (Italy) Rallies +2.6%; RUT (Russell 2000) +2.5%; COMPQ (Nasdaq Composite) +2.4%; NDX (Nasdaq 100) +2.4%; SPX (S&P 500) +2.2%; INDU (Dow Jones Industrials) +2.1%; NYA (NYSE Composite) +2.1%; PCLN; HTZ; MAR; MCHP; US Presidential Election Eve

The Mexican peso strengthens the most in nine months to 18.6429 which indicates that Clinton will gain on Trump in the polls after the favorable FBI decision a short time ago in the States. US futures are opening shortly and will likely catapult higher with joy over the FBI decision.

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The general consensus is expecting a Clinton win tomorrow. Trump proponents have not given up hope and say everyone will be surprised like they were after the Brexit vote in the UK. US election polls open in a few hours. 40% of voters have already participated in early voting. President Obama is in New Hampshire stumping for Hillary Clinton.

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