Thursday, January 19, 2017

FRIDAY 1/20/17; China GDP and Economic Data; Fed Chair Yellen Speaks; US Dollar Under 101; GE; KSU; RF; SLB; STI; SYF; OpEx; Donald J Trump Inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States; NDX (Nasdaq 100) Index Prints All-Time Record High

President-elect Trump becomes President Trump and President Obama retires at 12 noon EST today (5 PM London and GMT; 6 PM Frankfurt, Paris and Davos; 2 AM Tokyo Saturday morning). Festivities continue from last evening through the morning into mid-day. America will have a new orange-headed leader in a few hours.

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The US Senate is in session to likely approve the Secretary of Defense Mattis and one or two other cabinet members. President Trump will likely wait until Monday to begin issuing executive orders that will reverse many of President Obama’s executive orders. President Trump and family are in a grandstand at the Whitehouse enjoying the parade. The inauguration went very well today.

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