Saturday, January 7, 2017

SUNDAY 1/8/17

In Jerusalem, a Palestinian goes berserk and runs over people in a large box truck. Four are killed and 17 injured. The Islamic nutcase is connected to the ISIS radicals; he was carrying out the scriptures in the Quran that dictates the killing of the infidel (Christians and Jews). Terrorist attacks around Jerusalem will further destabilize the Middle East.

The battle in Mosul, Iraq, continues for three months with no end in sight. Iraqi troops, with the support of 

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NDX 5020.70 and 5007.08 both on 1/6/17. NYA 11264.17 and 11247.70 both on 1/5/17. TRAN 9490.29 on 12/9/16 and 9421.08 on 12/8/16.

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