Tuesday, January 24, 2017

WEDNESDAY 1/25/17; Cascading Global Rally; VIX (Volatility) Prints a 10-Handle; ABT; BA; FCX; HES; HBAN; ITW; MKC; NSC; ROL; TXT; UTX; GWW; DOW JONES INDUSTRIALS PRINT 20,000 FIRST TIME EVER; INDU (Dow), SPX (S&P 500), COMPQ (Nasdaq Composite), NDX (Nasdaq 100) and NYA (NYSE Composite) Print New All-Time Record Highs; 5-Year Note Auction; T; EBAY; FFIV; FTK; LVS; MCK; MUR; QCOM; URI; VRTX; WDC

Euro 1.0728. Euro/yen 122.18. Dollar/yen 113.89. Pound 1.2531. Euro/pound 0.8561. Mexican peso 21.5244. Canadian dollar 1.3156. Dollar/yuan 6.8590. Indian rupee 68.145. Aussie dollar 0.7589. USD 100.29.

US futures are 

[Text is redacted. Purchase the 2017-01 chronology to enjoy January's economic and market history including Dow 20K and SPX 2.3K.]

Russian bombers are circling Japan remaining in international airspace. President Putin is testing President Trump by hassling Japan. Never one to hesitate at taking credit for events, President Trump proclaims that he is “very proud the Dow hit 20K.”

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