Sunday, January 22, 2017

MONDAY 1/23/17; HAL; MCD; PETS; President Trump Plans to Renegotiate TPP Trade Agreement; NDX (Nasdaq 100) New All-Time Record Closing High; YHOO; ZION

US futures are flat. S&P -1. Dow -1. Nasdaq -1. Russell -1. Australia’s ASX 200 begins trading marginally higher. Aussie dollar 0.7558. C downgrades the Aussie miners. 

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A chart that plots the ratio of US Jobless Claims to those employed is at record low levels. This is not surprising since businesses are at bare bone staff levels with no one left to layoff. The tens of millions of people out of work are no longer counted in the data so the employment numbers are deceivingly high. Interestingly, a recession occurs a few months after the excessive lows print on the chart in every instance over the last several decades.

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