Tuesday, January 31, 2017

WEDNESDAY 2/1/17; Global PMI’s; ADP Employment Report; ADP; D; EXC; IR; JCI; MPC; TUP; PMI Mfg Index; ISM Mfg Index; FOMC Rate Decision; VIX (Volatility) Flash Crashes to a 9-Handle then Flash Spikes; FB; CBT; CRUS; EW; IAC; MTW; NXPI; QRVO; TSCO

Today is the first trading day of the new month of February. New money usually enters the stock market the first day or three of the month which creates a 

[Text is redacted. Purchase the 2017-02 chronology to enjoy February's economic and market history including new all-time highs in the stock market.]

not trading after its earnings release. CRUS crashes -11%. EW -1%. IAC +1%. LM -5%. MTW collapses -6%. NXPI +0.3%. OI flat. QRVO -6.66%. SFLY crashes -16%. TSCO +3.6%. FB is up +0.9%.

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