Thursday, January 5, 2017

FRIDAY 1/6/17; US Monthly Jobs Report; Fed Speak; SPX (S&P 500), INDU (Dow), COMPQ (Nasdaq Composite) and NDX (Nasdaq 100) New All-Time Record Highs; Dow Prints 19,999 Only 37 Cents from 20,000; Dow 20K Watch Continues

US futures are flat as the hours begin to countdown to the jobs report. S&P +1. Dow flat. Nasdaq -1. Asian and European trading may be quiet overnight waiting on the BLS report.

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Donald Trump says the intelligence information proves that the Russian cyber hacking did not cause Clinton’s election loss. Her non-charismatic personality, poor campaigning, decision to ignore the rust-belt states, secretly hiding a server handling secret military information, alleged corruption at the Clinton Foundation, and other nefarious activities caused her defeat. On Saturday two weeks from now, America begins its journey with President Trump.

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