Saturday, January 7, 2017

MONDAY 1/9/17; Pound is Pounded to a 1.21-Handle; Turkish Lira Record Low; FTSE Record High; COMPQ (Nasdaq Composite) and NDX (Nasdaq 100) Prints New All-Time Record Highs; Dow 20K Watch; Q4 2016 Earnings Season Begins; CUDA; WDFC

Euro 1.0532. Euro/yen 123.38. Dollar/yen 117.18. Pound 1.2258. Euro/pound 0.8592. Mexican peso 21.2492. Canadian dollar 1.3247. Dollar/yuan 6.9241. Indian rupee 67.9637. Aussie dollar 0.7298.

[Text is redacted. Purchase the 2017-01 chronology to enjoy January's economic and market history including Dow 20K and SPX 2.3K.]

The stock market experiences record inflows of $100 billion after the surprise Trump election in November. This huge influx of money into funds, a record amount into ETF’s, has only been seen at significant market tops such as the 2007 stock market top and the 1999-2000 dotcom bubble top.

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