Friday, June 2, 2017

FRIDAY 6/2/17; Cascading Global Rally; NIKK (Japan) Prints 20,000; Paris Climate Change Accord Aftermath; Oil Tanks -3%; WTIC Oil 46-Handle; Brent Oil 48-Handle; BSE (India), DAX (Germany) and FTSE (London) Record Highs; VMW; GOOS; US Monthly Jobs Report; Yield Curve Flattens; 2-10 Treasury Spread Drops to 86 Bips; 10-Year Yield Prints Low of Year at 2.144%; SPX, INDU, COMPQ, NDX and NYA All-Time Record Highs; Dow 21.2K

US futures are flat after the healthy rally in the 

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The ECB and BOJ balance sheets are larger than the Federal Reserve’s massive balance sheet which should create worry but investors do not care since they are too busy buying stocks at the ask. The VIX is at 9.75 at multi-decade lows verifying the ongoing complacency and fearlessness.

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