Friday, June 9, 2017

FRIDAY 6/9/17; UK Election Aftermath; Prime Minister May’s Conservative Party Loses Parliament Majority; Pound Prints 1.26-Handle; US Wholesale Trade; SPX, INDU, COMPQ, NDX and RUT Print All-Time Record Highs; Tech and FAANG Stocks Sell Off; Flash Crashes and Spikes Occur in AMZN (Amazon), JWN (Nordstrom), C (Citigroup) and VIX (Volatility)

S&P -3. Dow -15. Nasdaq -6. Euro 1.205. Euro/yen 123.29. Dollar/yen 110.04. Pound 1.2819. Sterling fell under 1.28 a short time ago collapsing 2% on news that the Conservative Party will likely not attain a majority in the UK election. Clearly, traders were out of position.

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One week is crazier than the next in the stock market. Today is a wild roller coaster day in the major indexes with flash crashes and flash spikes occurring in Amazon, Nordstrom, Citigroup and volatility.

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