Saturday, June 10, 2017

SATURDAY 6/10/17

SPX 2432. INDU 21272. COMPQ 6208. RUT 1422. NIKK 20013. SPASX200 5678. KOSPI 2382. SSEC 3159. HSI 26030. BSE 31262. DAX 12816. CAC 5299. FTSE 7527. MIB 21122. IBEX 10978. PSI 5299. France’s CAC and Portugal’s PSI are the same number.

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Anti-Sharia law protests are occurring in 28 cities in 19 states across America. Western civilization and culture and most importantly the US Constitution are in conflict with strict Sharia law. Muslims must place the US Constitution above Sharia law but many that want to live in America are unwilling. Sharia law is intolerant to the rights of women who serve as second class citizens and are subservient to men. Thousands that believe Sharia law poses a serious and real threat to the Western way of life are participating in the rallies.

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