Tuesday, June 20, 2017

WEDNESDAY 6/21/17; Cascading Global Stock Market Selloff; First Day of Summer; Bradley Turn Date; US Yield Curve Flattens with 2-10 Spread Below 80 Bips; Provident Financial Crashes -20%; WGO; Existing Home Sales; Oil Slips -2.5%; Brent Oil Bear Market; Ethereum Flash Crash; ORCL; SCS

Today is a Bradley turn date. The Bradley siderograph identifies dates in the market where an inflection occurs as either a trend change or sometimes a strong acceleration of the existing trend. The stock market turns typically occur +/- 3 days around the turn date (today) although a window of +/- 7 days is open to allow for the inflection point should it occur (6/14/17 through 6/28/17).

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US and Chinese officials are meeting in Beijing to discuss the North Korea problem. President Trump says, “We have a great relationship with China” watering-down his earlier comments.

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