Friday, June 23, 2017

SATURDAY 6/24/17

SPX 2438. INDU 21395. COMPQ 6265. RUT 1415. NIKK 20133. SPASX200 5716. KOSPI 2379. SSEC 3157. HSI 25670. BSE 31138. DAX 12733. CAC 5266. FTSE 7424. MIB 20834. IBEX 10631. PSI 5201.

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The Fox business news block on Saturday morning maintains its strong bullish bias and “buy, buy, buy” cheerleading. The pundits says PKG will rise +30% over the next year. AAL will rise +20%. DEO will rise +40% over the next four years. The bullish commentators tout SIX, FDX, MSFT and DISH as more great long plays for the stock market. Charles Payne stands on a soap box and proclaims that “the rally has a lot more upside to go.” Payne says the “housing sector” will take off to the upside ahead. The future is so bright you have to wear shades.

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