Friday, June 2, 2017

SATURDAY 6/3/17; London Bridge Terror Attack

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At 10:08 PM London time (6:08 AM Sunday morning Tokyo; 11:08 PM Frankfurt and Paris; 5:08 PM EST), a van is swerving on and off sidewalks on the London Bridge aiming at people. The scene is horrifying with bodies strewn about as the van crashes. Three deranged nutcases exit the rear of the van and begin running towards the Borough Market area in London where many people are out for Saturday night fun. The song and dance turns to mayhem and horror as the three killers begin stabbing and slicing people with machetes while yelling, “Praise to Allah!”

The Muslim terrorists kill six people and would nearly 50 during the rampage. Police shoot the three murderers dead. Blood spills into the River Thames. UK authorities brag that they ended the situation in eight minutes but that is a long time during an attack. Killers can perform a huge amount of damage in eight minutes as they did. The government has taken away guns from citizens in London and Paris so the public now serves as sitting ducks. In the States, an honest citizen licensed to carry a concealed gun could have shot the killers faster than eight long minutes.

UK PM May calls an emergency security meeting. It is going to be a long night ahead for Britain. Two major terrorist attacks (Manchester and now the London Bridge) hit the UK in less than two weeks time. The travel industry will be seriously hurt. Travelers planning to visit London are definitely rethinking or changing their plans. London is under siege.

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